Interior decoration is an expression of creativity and whether you prefer a minimalist, vintage, modern or classic style, each room presents a challenge when coming up with a suitable and stylish home decor scheme.

2017 has already showed us several different trends that can spruce up a room with a new wall colour and a few key furniture pieces and accessories; here are some examples:

Tropical Prints and Portraits

Combined with white walls and simple wicker or wood furniture, a recent trend has been to bring tropical prints and motifs into a space to add a dramatic touch.  This look is a great way for brightening up your walls whatever the season, from spring through to winter, creating an indoor summer paradise.  Keeping walls white and bright will reflect the light instead of absorbing it and Rebecca Snowden, an interior designer, has suggested to, opt for tropical wallpaper to create a dramatic impact or a single leaf framed for a subtler look.’  As well as tropical wallpaper, bring in exotic looking palm plants.  It is a modern and bold look, but not too extreme to overpower your room.  Complement with furniture, preferably New Oak, and your room will be a tropical paradise.

Bathroom Foliage

If you are seeking something different for your bathroom, rather than just changing the bathroom accessories, towels and shower curtain, why not tap into the recent trend of bringing greenery and foliage into your bathroom?  Rather than adding a single leafy plant, consider greenery walls and wooden interiors as another way to provide an eco-friendly feel and add a fresh, modern look to your bathroom.

Garden Lights and Solar lights

What could be cuter in your garden than  fairy lights happily dancing from your trees, shrubs or fences?  With the recent craze for solar lanterns, lights and thematic touches, they can be used to highlight your garden’s borders as well as accenting different areas of foliage in an outdoor space.  Adding twinkling illumination during the warm summer nights, while you enjoy a fun cocktail with friends, adds a sense of magic and charm that can’t be beaten.  (Check out some other garden trends and tips here at #tidylife for lighting and outdoor inspiration.)

Vintage and Antique Furniture

Recycling has become a major trend in recent times with the rise of concerns about environmental sustainability.  Maybe you fancy yourself as an antiques hunter?  Get down to those local charity stores and car boot sales and uncover some lost treasure!  The beauty is that antique items such as furniture and vintage cushions and rugs can be combined with more modern pieces to give your room a quirky and individual vibe. Such an eclectic mix will also ensure that your house is never bland, but instead a warm and interesting place that people want to visit.

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