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How to use these 2019 design trends in your property

It’s easy to become bored with your property’s existing furnishings from time to time, but during the start of a new year, this desire to redecorate becomes even stronger. Whether you follow them or not, interior trends are always good to look at for some inspiration on ways to update your property with a fresh style. Take a look at our 2019 design ideas you could use in your property this year.


Velvet will be a big hit for 2019, and when done right, can add some beautiful style to your home. Velvet can work well in any room in your property, but often has the best impact in the living room. Velvet sofas can complement the decor in your living room, particularly those in dark shades like charcoal or navy. If you want to add velvet to your home without doing anything too drastic, consider adding velvet curtains or cushions for an easy way to incorporate this trend into your property.


Floral interiors are certainly nothing new, being a common trend for those trying to replicate vintage styles. In 2019, expect to see a lot more florals in your interiors, particularly with exaggerated proportions and clashing colour schemes. Utilise this trend by creating a feature wall in one of the rooms of your property with bold floral wallpaper. Alternatively, you could be more subtle by including floral details such as a sofa throw or bed blanket in a botanical pattern, or some floral kitchen accessories.


Rose gold was one of 2018’s biggest trends, but in 2019, copper is set to be the go-to metallic shade of the year. Copper tones make a great addition to your property, working particularly well in the kitchen with the use of copper accessories like pots and pans. For more of a bold use of copper in the kitchen, look at installing new fixtures and fittings in copper shades, such as a faucet and sink, cabinets, ovens and other appliances. Copper also works well when used with furniture, such as on a coffee table in the living room or with a dining table and chairs featuring copper details.


Monochrome is another interiors trend predicted to be big in 2019. Think checkered black and white floor tiles, white walls with contrasting black furniture, or rugs and accessories with bold geometric black and white designs. Black and white shades provide your home with a sense of boldness and are great for those who love minimal decor which is still eye-catching. Monochrome colour schemes are a perfect trend to use in the bathroom, giving the space an elegant and relaxing feel. For 2019, why not replace old shower tiles with ones that fit this colour scheme, paint bathroom walls black and white, and add some bold patterned details and accessories.

Smart Lighting

Lighting is set to change in a big way this year, with smart lighting becoming much more popular in interiors. The traditional style of lighting is making way for solutions in more decorative styles, lighting that’s hidden away, and even mood lighting in the home. RW Invest is a UK property company that’s embracing this trend, with a number of properties featuring mood lighting for a modern and forward-thinking feel.

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