This year has been an incredible year for interiors and in particular, tiles. Sometimes overlooked as a necessity rather than a design feature, tiles are actually an incredible way of achieving a huge array of beautiful interior styles. Tiles are best thought of as the blank canvas from which you can build professional and stunning aesthetics. From some familiar faces to newer styles, this years tile trends have something for everyone.


For something that is truly contemporary, the hexagon tile is a great way of introducing some dimension to your home. Hexagon tiles have massively taken off this past year thanks to their slightly unusual shape. Where square or rectangular tiles are expected, the hexagon tile stands out and catches the eye like no other tile. It’s geometric shape adds fluidity to a wall or floor and looks especially incredible when coupled with a contrasting grout to really make that shape pop.


It comes as no surprise to learn that the metro tile is still showing its popularity with both homeowners and designers. Their vintage and classic look allows you to work nicely with that glamorous look. Metro tiles have a strong historical background thanks to their use in the London Underground and worldwide subway stations alike. Since then, their look has become synonymous with that vintage look that is perfect for adding character to a room. Metro tiles are traditionally used with a gloss finish to give them that incredible shine that reflects light beautifully.


Patterned tiles are all the rage right now bringing with them an array of gorgeous colour combinations and designs. Patterned tiles are a great way to begin working with accent colours that will culminate in a professionally designed room. If you’re looking for a bold design scheme, patterned tiles are certainly the way forward, however, more subtle and soft patterns are available if you’re simply looking for just a hint of a pattern. Monochromatic tones are great for a vintage look, if this is what you are trying to achieve aim for a black and white pattern for an iconic look.

 Natural Stone

It’s thanks to its earthy and rustic look that the natural stone tile has achieved its popularity. One big design trend this year is to bring the outside, inside. It is the combination of natural stone tiles as well as plant accessories and distressed furniture that give the rustic look its distinctive aesthetic. Impervious to water, natural stone tiles are ideal for kitchens or bathrooms without the worry of causing the tile any long term damage.


With it’s Mediterranean heritage, the terracotta tile offers a warm and earthy look unparalleled by any other tile. The rich orange and red undertones bring both style and a sense of cosiness to a room. These tiles look amazing when paired with woven furniture pieces and potted plants for that truly Mediterranean look.

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