4 Reasons for you to choose Marble Tiles

Marble tiles make a great surface for the home.   As one of the oldest building materials, used extensively by the Greeks and Romans, we know marble can be relied upon to stand the test of time and give your home the wow factor with its luxurious finish.

Hard-wearing and beautiful, here are four reasons you should consider using this natural material in your home:

Timeless & Unique Looking

Enduringly popular for centuries, sales of marble tiles are on the increase.  Maybe the reason is because this beautiful rock is an ideal material for bathroom and kitchen tiles.  These are both rooms where we don’t want to have to change the finishes too often, so choosing timeless marble tiles can be a great way to ensure your home remains stylish for a long time.

Unique looking with natural shading and variations, no two rooms will ever be totally the same!  With colours ranging from silvery white to dark green and black, marble is truly eye-catching.  Choose from honed, tumbled (rustic), brushed (textured) and polished finishes.

Durable Material

Did you know that marble actually began life as limestone?  High pressure and temperatures change it into marble – an exceptionally hard, natural stone.  It is very resistant to scratches and damage, but if you drop a cup on it, the cup will break.  However it is porous, so must be sealed and cleaned regularly using a mild detergent or product specially designed for marble. Because of this porous nature, people sometimes choose not to use marble on worktops, as cooking spills and liquids can leave stains.  But as kitchen tiles for the wall and floor, providing you take care of them, marble can last a lifetime.

Affordable Quality

cream-marbleThere’s a popular misconception that marble tiles must be extremely expensive, but this isn’t necessarily so.  You can buy competitively priced marble floor and wall tiles from reputable companies such as Stone Deals. With outstanding quality, colour and finishes – and no middle man – you can have the exclusive look of marble at a fantastic price.  Plus take advantage of their advice and expert knowledge about marble tiles, should you need it.


It is the versatility of marble that makes it so popular – not only in homes, but hotels and shopping destinations, too.  From classic rooms to ultra modern, minimalist interiors, using marble tiles can look amazing and they are ideal for bathrooms and shower rooms, living and dining rooms, conservatories and kitchens.  Whether your space is small and compact or spacious and grand, you can create something special with marble tiles.

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