5 Ways to Engage with Your Readers


Tidy Away Today has been established for over three years now and as a result we are sometimes asked by new brands or bloggers for our tips and advice for successful reader engagement.  So today I thought I’d take a little departure and chat about a few of the ways you can grow your blog or business website by engaging with your audience.

SEO & Original Content

Is your website or blog attractive to look at and easy to read?  If it looks jumbled, cluttered or has broken links or poor images, you will already have lost readers.  There are many affordable websites, online shop designs and blog templates available that are gorgeous to look at and easy for users to navigate, making your readers or customers browsing of your site a pleasure.  But it’s no good having a beautiful website if it can’t be found easily.  SEO is the lifeblood of your blog or business and good SEO is hard to sum up in a few lines, but if you feel out of your depth optimising your site and its content to be easily found on search engines, you can always work with a reputable web design agency local to you, such as Essex Web Design who have offered responsive web design in Essex for some time now.  An effective SEO strategy has many strands and producing targeted original content is just one, along with the use of live chat, social media marketing and positive link building.

At Tidy Away Today we also strive to produce original and engaging content for our readers.  If you are regularly posting new and interesting articles, it will certainly help to attract your audience and encourage them to keep coming back and reading more.  Inviting comments or asking readers what they think at the end of your article is a simple and effective way to engage directly with them.

Social Media

Like it or loathe it, social media is an integral of modern life and you cannot ignore it if you want to stay current and responsive to your audience.  Building relationships with your readers and social media followers is invaluable if you are going to improve the chances of making your website or blog a success.  A follow, like or share on social media can result in a sale, increase your readership and improve brand awareness.  That sounds great but how do you go about it when the chances are that you also have a thousand other things on the go?

If you don’t feel you have the time to post regularly to all the different social channels, it makes sense to schedule your weekly social media.  You can spend a productive couple of hours at the start of the week planning and scheduling your week’s postings by using a platform like Hootsuite, which will take the stress out of it.


Everyone loves to win prizes, so competitions are a great way to appeal to your audience.  Multiple prizes are popular, as are creative entry ideas, for example asking your readers to create a Pinterest board or to come up with a slogan.  But nothing too complicated with lots of rules that will put people off.  You can get your readers to share the opportunity of winning with others, too, by using a competition widget such as Rafflecopter which makes it easy for competitors to tweet about the competition.


We have found a great way to reach a wider audience is to engage and collaborate with relevant brands – working together you can offer interesting, targeted articles that will appeal to your readers or customers.  We are contacted daily with requests for product reviews or help with getting a brand’s message out, whether by a brand directly or their PR agency.  Of course, it helps when the brief supplied is clear and coherent, it also quickly establishes for us whether the partnership will work and allow us to produce the kind of content that we know will engage a reader.

We look for collaborations that allow plenty of scope and editorial freedom to bring some creativity and imagination to the finished article.


An e-newsletter is a low-cost way to keep customers regularly updated with special offers, news and promotions.  It is one of the most effective marketing channels to help you reach a wide audience, communicate with your customers, drive traffic to your site, highlight key content and build brand awareness.  Timing is important so schedule e-newsletters to be sent at an optimum time, for example during lunch when workers will be more likely to have a read.  And if they like what they read in your newsletter, they will be more encouraged to go to your site and thus enabling you to see what content people are engaging with the most.

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