6 Ways to Increase the Natural Light in your Home

Although I love this time of year as we head into Autumn, the downside is that the nights are drawing in and our typical UK houses can start to feel a bit gloomy and dark by early evening.

We can’t control the sunlight of course, but there are ways to help increase the natural light in our homes, so here are my top 6 suggestions:

Change your Décor

Ensure your main living rooms are light in colour – paint walls in light greys, whites, cream and eggshell blue to help boost the natural light in a room, while ceilings should ideally be white to avoid a space feeling oppressive.

 Keep it Clean!

A clean house will gleam, so surfaces such as glass and tiles will reflect light – and if you keep your fixtures shiny, windows clean, light bulbs dust free etc. it will really ensure your house shines as bright as possible.

Check your Windows

You need to avoid heavy, dark curtains and window dressings, like velvets, in deep or dark colours.  Instead, go for simple linen or cotton blinds and curtains in light, bright colours that also don’t cover up too much of the window when they are pulled up or open.

Make Home Alterations

If you are planning on doing any building remodelling, look at the ways you can introduce extra natural light – an open plan layout can help light flow through unhindered while skylights and sun tunnels, in an otherwise windowless room, can work wonders at capturing extra light – as can lovely patio doors and bi-folds.  If you are fitting a new front door, or internal doors, choose styles with glass in them, rather than solid designs.

The Magic of Mirrors and Accessories

This is an old trick but a good one; placing mirrors adjacent to or opposite a window will bounce light around the room and increase the brightness.  The more mirrors you have, the more light will be reflected.  Similarly, metallic home accessories such as photo frames, candle holders etc. will also help to brighten a space.

Move and Minimise your Furniture

Big chunky or dark pieces of furniture, especially when placed in front of windows and glass doors, will greatly reduce the light so think about an alternative room layout and move or remove bulky storage or seating if you can.  Or if you can’t, why not try painting cupboards and sideboards in light shades and drape a pale coloured throw over a dark sofa.

I hope that has given you some ideas, have you tried anything else that has worked to increase the natural light in your home?

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