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6 Ways to Nail the Botanical Trend in Your Home

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It seems that wherever I look for homeware at the moment, it’s impossible to escape the many bold and beautiful designs that are key to the current botanical trend.

Fortunately, I’ve fallen for them in a big way and am keen to bring a dash of botanical style to our home this season.

If you have green thumbs you could embrace the look by surrounding yourself with potted palm plants and terrariums filled with lush foliage – but if you are more like me (likely to deliver the kiss of death to your houseplants) you might want to cheat a bit – nothing wrong with that!

Which is why I’ve gathered up a selection of current homeware images to inspire you and persuade you that, however bad at plant care you are, everyone can capture the botanical trend quickly and easily with a few simple purchases that are sure to re-energise your home.

Botanical Bedding

botanical duvet cover

This fresh botanical style duvet set from H&M is £24.99 for a single duvet.  You can also find botanical themed tea towels and kitchen aprons online at H&M currently.

Botanical Cushions

velvet sofa botanical
leafy cushion

From – a collection of three really lush and vibrant cushions £28 – £30 each, ideal for the living room sofa or on your bed.

Faux Palm Leaves

Dropped into a vase, a few faux palm leaves would look fantastic in an instant.  These are from West Elm, £19:palm leaf


And these ones from Mia Fleur, £7.95 each:

faux palm leaves

Palm Printed Wall Clock

tropical wall clock

I think this is such a fun wall accessory!  It’s £21 from Society 6, where they also have rugs, wall tapestries and more in the same design.

Botanical Wall Art

You could display post cards such as the ones below from My Deer Art (£17 for 3) in cute frames, or simply stick them randomly to your wall with washi tape:wall art botanical

Botanical Wallpaper

Now how about some fabulous custom wallpaper made to fit your wall perfectly?  From Murals Wallpaper there are lots of leafy green and lush tropical designs to choose from, prices are from £23.50 per m2:

tropical wallpaper

So there you have it, a quick round up of some of the loveliest botanical printed designs I’ve come across recently.  Maybe you’ve also spotted some other great botanical designs?  If so, let me know below!  I’d love to hear about them and any other ways you could to tap into this trend, as I think it’s going to be around for a while.

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