A cupboard of shame no more… and win £100 of storage goodies!

Linen cupboard makeoverWhen I started this blog, the intention was to establish a little online shop selling home organising products, which is how it got its moniker ‘Tidy Away Today.’

But the husband and I didn’t pursue that particular avenue and so it just became my blog about our efforts at home improvements on a budget, my love of all things interiors and a little bit of family stuff thrown into the mix.  Being a naturally untidy girl at heart, I really wanted a key theme of the blog to be home organising, but truth be told I haven’t focused on that aspect as much as I should.  So when The Plastic Box Shop offered to collaborate with me by providing some storage to try out, it seemed like a good opportunity for some organising inspiration.

The area I planned to tackle was our annoying linen cupboard; only small, but used daily and no thought given to its organisation.  So I knew it had to be drastically improved upon.  (Let’s face it, when you have to grab something from a cupboard and slam the door shut before the entire contents descend on you, you know it’s time.)

So here is the before shot (please don’t judge, instead tell me you have a cupboard or wardrobe exactly like it?  You don’t?  Well, you could have lied, pfft.)

Cupboard hell

Yep, its horrible to look at.  Even worse to try and locate a duvet cover and matching pillowcases, or a hand towel lost forever amongst a mountain of bath towels.  To add insult to injury, just look at the colour inside the door, clearly painted in the 70s.  Grim!  At the bottom of the cupboard is where duvets go to die 🙁

As this cupboard sits in my son’s bedroom and he keeps his socks and undies in that over-door pocket hanger, I couldn’t make it too girlie inside, but I knew I’d need baskets and labels and it was important for it to look good.  I’ve learned from Jen at I Heart Organizing (who by the way is the queen of making organising beautiful) that by going the extra mile and making something pretty, you are way more likely to enjoy using it and will therefore keep to the system – makes sense!  She also advises that the first thing you must do when organising a space is clear everything out and that’s what I did.  I could see exactly what space I had to play with, which was more than I had thought.  I then cleaned the shelves and one of the first jobs was to paint.  I’d found an ice-blue shade in the shed that would freshen up the paintwork.

To make the cupboard look nicer on opening, I hung a length of wallpaper behind the shelves down the back wall.  It wasn’t quite wide enough to fill the whole gap, and we have some electrical cables running down that I couldn’t cover anyway, but even just a panel of wallpaper adds a bit of visual interest and colour.

The Plastic Box Shop kindly provided me with organising products to complete the linen cupboard transformation.  I chose some great plastic baskets that look like rattan, in white and dark brown.  Using the large white baskets I folded our bedding into one, the boys bedding into another and towels in a third.  I should also state that I was quite ruthless and chucked out old bedding and towels.  It’s stuff that can accumulate, but it takes up so much house room and really, you only need two bedding sets per bed – one on the bed, the other in the wash.  Blankets and spare duvets went into a bedding box in our bedroom that was being under-used.  In the fourth large basket I put in table cloths, runners and napkins and popped it on the very top shelf, since those are items we use less frequently.


I knew labels would be essential and saw some cute chalkboard ones reduced at John Lewis; there were four in a pack so that was just right for the large baskets.  I could have written on them with a chalk marker pen, but didn’t trust my handwriting, so, having been gifted a Cricut Mini vinyl cutting machine a while back, I programmed it to cut some sticky backed letters out for me.  I really like them!


The blue pockets hanger that was already in the cupboard had a tidy up and I created some simple labels in Excel, laminated them and attached them to the pocket with cheap wooden pegs – made pretty with a simple strip of washi tape on each of them.

laminate labels

In the little brown baskets I rolled up flannels, pillowcase protectors and small hand towels.  By putting the towels basket on top of a shelf space-saver that I already had, I was able to create an additional area underneath to store rolled up bath mats.

bath mats

Similarly, with the large, lidded brown basket at the bottom, by placing it on top of another space saver (one I bought ages ago from Ikea) I have a little nook to keep folded laundry bags.  Inside the lidded basket are spare loo rolls which we never had a proper pace for upstairs before.

cupboard base

Did you spot that I also now have a neat little corner to store my gift wrapping paper?  I won’t be searching for it next time we are in a hurry to go to a party, so that alone was worth the effort!

So from a cupboard that seriously stressed me out, to an organised space… I’m happy with that.

Before after

And now it’s your turn to get your cupboards – perhaps even your whole house – better organised, as the Plastic Box Shop are generously offering one lucky person the chance to win £100 to spend with them.  And considering that the baskets I ordered for my project came to just £27.05 + VAT you’ll see what good value their organising products are, so £100 will buy you a lot of storage.

No excuses, enter today and you may come to love your cupboards in the end just like me.

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