A different way to use decorative drawer knobs

I have a bit of a ‘thing’ for pretty or unusual drawer pulls and cupboard door knobs.  If I can switch a plain handle for a decorative one, I will.  My past project favourites have been these, from my first furniture makeover:

anthro flower knob

And a retro wardrobe makeover with a cute little bird handle:

bird knob

So when the drawer and cupboard handle specialists Trinca-Ferro got in touch to ask if I’d like to sample a few of their products I was really keen.  At the time I didn’t have any suitable furniture makeovers on the go, but there was an idea in my head that I’d seen on Pinterest and wanted to try – using decorative knobs as a hanging rail.

So I picked out a mixed selection for an eclectic look:

Trinca Ferro

The project turned out to be super easy – all you need is a suitable piece of wood, your decorative knobs, a drill and a saw.

I even managed to work in a bit of upcycling which is always a bonus, because the piece of wood I used was an old bed slat off my son’s broken bed that was about to go to the tip!

Because the slat was a piece of natural pine, I gave it a couple of coats of a combined primer/undercoat and then two coats of white paint suitable for wood, mine had a satin finish.  I measured and marked six points for the knobs to be evenly spaced out.

Then hubby drilled the holes for me while I supervised 😉 and because the screws were too long, I also asked him to saw off the ends poking through the reverse side of the slat.

That was it, so simple!

I deliberately chose the mismatched knobs as I think they add a certain charm.  This rail could be used in the bathroom for hanging towels, or as I plan to use it in the bedroom for storing my scarf collection.  Or even in the hallway for coats and bags.

I honestly think this would make a gorgeous Christmas present for someone, they would be over the moon and impressed with your DIY skills!  Let me know if you think you might make one 🙂

You can also enter this little giveaway to win a set of 6 drawer knobs of your choice, courtesy of Trinca-Ferro.  It has never been easier to update a chest of drawers, your kitchen cupboards or wardrobes!  But the only problem you may have is deciding on which decorative knob designs to choose; the Trinca-Ferro collection is extensive, so it may take you a while.  Good luck!

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Thank you to Trinca Ferro for sending me the sample handles


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