Statement Bed by Frank Hudson

A Look at Frank Hudson’s French Bedroom Furniture

Each morning as you awaken and look around you, there is a sense that something isn’t quite right. Something is missing. Most people who have this experience find that they are simply tired of the same old look, the same furniture and to put it bluntly, are ready for a change. If you are looking for something that is a cut above the average, you should take a look at Frank Hudson’s French Bedroom Furniture collections. These can easily be viewed at Newtons Furniture alongside their own range. When you consider the fact that a retailer is thrilled to be showcasing another designer, this is something to take note of. Here are a few suggestions for you to peruse.

Frank Hudson’s Chalk Collection

Frank Hudson Chalk Bed

For the lady who is seeking a totally feminine appeal in her bedroom, the Chalk Collection is just the thing. Crafted from solid mahogany and hand painted in a tone of white that has an air of calmness about it, the Chalk Collection is the epitome of class and distinction. The choice in beds is simply perfect because you can choose between a rattan or linen upholstered frame. Complete the collection with a Chalk bedside table, a chest of drawers and a lovely French wardrobe that adds charm as well as storage, especially to a room devoid of sufficient closet space. Then there is the dressing table with its matching stool where ladies of refinement and character have done their hair and makeup throughout the ages. A perfect finishing touch to a perfectly feminine collection.

The Spire Collection by Frank Hudson

Statement Bed by Frank Hudson

The Spire Collection by Frank Hudson is one that will offer a sense of stepping back through history to a time when the gentry lived in castles and country estates. Done up in solid Mindy Ash wood, this is an amazingly attractive bedroom suite that is striking and worthy of gracing the bedrooms of royalty. With a wardrobe designed with dovetail joints and the most attractive inlaid walnut marquetry, you’ll feel like the only things missing are the Lion and the Witch. You have the wardrobe, so step through to Narnia and the world around you will cease to exist – as you knew it at least. The spires on the bedstead are something out of history and if you want a look that is quaint, majestic and strikingly handsome, this would be the collection for you.

The Luxury of Frank Hudson’s Weathered Collection

Weathered Collection Furniture Frank Hudson

Then there is the Weathered Collection that is luxury at its finest. Lovingly handcrafted from wood that has been ethically sourced, each piece is hand finished to perfection. Like both the Spire and Chalk Collections, the Weathered bed comes in either linen upholstered or rattan styles with gently carved motifs and the Frank Hudson iconic slatted sprung base.

There is nothing quite as amazing as waking up in the lap of luxury and that is just what you’ll find when you’ve graced your home with a Frank Hudson French Bedroom suite. Each piece is lovingly crafted and hand finished to perfection and each literally whispers “Quality” in your ear as you lay back to rest. What could be more soothing and fulfilling than that?

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