A Review of Baking Supplies from Mein Cupcake

I’m not an accomplished baker, as anyone in my family will tell you!  My mum is, but it definitely skipped a generation with me sadly.

Luckily, my sons get to enjoy the homebaked goodies that their nana regularly brings.  But recently, I have been wanting to have a go at baking some cupcakes.  I thought it would be nice to be able to whip up a batch whenever needed, for example when its the school cake sale, and not be embarrassed by how bad or burnt they look!  I needed some new equipment to help me perfect my technique so when the German company Mein Cupcake, that runs several online stores for baking accessories, got in contact to see if I’d like to try out some products I was keen to give them a try.

The items I tried were these:

baking kit

First up, cupcakes in this pretty pink silicone container which makes 12 cakes.


I just picked a really simple bun recipe and probably should have filled each case with a little more mixture because they didn’t rise up as much as I hoped, but they cooked nice and evenly in the container and slid out so easily.


I was really looking forward to trying the squeezy container for the frosting!  I mixed up a buttercream topping and scooped it into the container.

easy frosting cupcakes

Such fun and easy to use, too!


With three different nozzles, you can achieve 3 different topping effects:


There was quite a lot of buttercream left in the container though that I couldn’t squeeze out, so perhaps next time I’d make it a bit of a softer consistency so that it hopefully empties out better.  (I think a bit of wastage will be inevitable though due to the ‘concertina’ shape of the container with all those little ledges, unlike a piping bag.)

I wanted to try the baking tray next and my lovely mum had found a recipe for Millies cookies online and made up a roll so all I had to do was slice it, roll into balls and bake.

Millies Cookie dough

cookie balls


They baked perfectly on the tray and, even though the cookies have a soft consistency when cooked, they lifted off with no sticky bits left behind.  And were delicious!

cookies on plate

All in all a good baking experience and I’ll be giving the equipment another try in the summer holidays no doubt with my boys helping.  Thanks to the Mein Cupcake shop – I hope you will check out their site and discover a host of baking delights there (and the UK site can also be found here) – there really is a great array of baking accessories, so I think if you love baking, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

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