A Review of children’s wallstickers from Vinyl Impression

Today I’m pleased to review some brilliant new wallstickers for children’s rooms, from Vinyl Impression.

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From a range entitled Once Upon a Wall, the designs were specially created by talented children’s book illustrator Andy Elkerton and they have a very appealing quality.  Big, bold and beautiful, you may be surprised to learn that they are pretty simple to put up.  Just as impressive is that they are removable and reusable, many times over.

Vinyl Impression kindly sent me two sets to try in our own home for the purposes of this review.  First we started with the smaller (but still quite large!) jousting knights scene, which I thought would be perfect in our boys playroom where they keep their well loved ELC Tower of Doom.  They also enjoy acting out being knights, donning their pretend helmets and swords, so this is a great backdrop for them to enjoy in their play space.  (However I also think these sticker scenes would be great in a school reading corner or the children’s section of a library, to really stimulate a child’s imagination and cheer up a boring space.)

So, this is the blank wall I chose to decorate.

I started by cutting roughly around the shape of the stickers and then positioned them on the wall using some frog tape.

When I was happy with the arrangement, it was a straightforward task of lifting the sticker away from the wall and peeling the backing away, which slipped out easily.  Next I applied the sticker to the wall and smoothed it out, using the little plastic card that came in the packaging.

Once this step is done, you simply peel the covering downwards (keeping it close to the wall so as not to pull off the vinyl) and the sticker stays behind on the wall.

You can see what I mean with this Vine clip:

The finished result is just brilliant!

knights scene


It really was a straightforward process, even quite satisfying to peel away the sheets and reveal the vibrant image beneath!  Plus, you feel more confident knowing that you can remove it and try again if it goes wrong, although I didn’t need to do that once.

Encouraged by the success of the playroom scene, we ventured upstairs to the younger boys’ shared bedroom where we were about to transform it into a pirate ship!



This set is HUGE and impressive with so many elements.  But again, it wasn’t too difficult to apply – even the bigger pieces, like the sail, although an extra pair of hands from hubby did come in handy for that.

Here I am demonstrating with one of the smaller pieces.

You just need to be a bit careful with any small bits, like the rats tail there – and just make sure the edges are well firmed down before you peel.  The plastic card, or a credit card, is useful to smooth out any bubbles, but I honestly didn’t find air bubbles to be a big problem.

The only slight difficulty we had was nothing to do with the stickers – it was with having to work around the fact that on the main wall, we have a large radiator.  So, it meant elevating the ‘poop deck’ a bit higher.  However, it still works and the boys think it’s awesome.

Did you notice how I used the felt bunting that I made recently, to decorate the mast?  I thought it might look good like this, as though blowing in the wind!

The hand drawn and shaded quality of these illustrations is superb, while the vinyl is smooth and strong with a rich depth of colour. The finish is silky, but not glossy.

close up






close up2

The boys love their pirate themed room – it has created a whole new look with the minimum of effort.  What do you think?

There are lots of other kids stickers available, in addition Vinyl Impression also have other fantastic ranges for the home or business that are quirky and contemporary, from quotes and sayings to massive photo murals.

I think you’ll enjoy browsing the many and varied designs, even better Vinyl Impression is offering 10% off any order readers place during the whole of October!  Just add the code Tidyaway10 to receive your discount.



© Copyright Antonia, All rights Reserved. Written For: #tidylife
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