A Review of Lego Ultra Agents

Lego Ultra Agents

My two youngest sons often turn into secret agents and go on covert missions around the house and garden, sporting dark sunglasses and speaking into their watches, whilst hiding in the shadows behind doors and bushes.  They are also major Lego enthusiasts, so when Lego brought out the Ultra Agents, it seemed like a match made in heaven for these two.  Not only that, this particular collection of Lego features an extra cool element… you can download a free Ultra Agents interactive app!  Seriously, what more could they ask for?

We were excited to be sent a couple of samples from the collection for the boys to build and play with.  Their eyes were on stalks as they took it all in, accompanied by lots of utterings of,  ‘Whoa’ and ‘Ep-iiic’ as they studied the boxes, front and back.  That’s one of the best Lego moments, I think – apart from the satisfaction of finishing a build to play with – just that moment of anticipation of the fun to come!

The kits they received were these, the Lego Agents Tremor Track 70161, which includes two mini figures with weapons and accessories:


And the Lego Agents Riverside Raid 70160:


Aimed at 7 – 12 years, my just 6 year old tackled the smaller kit and the nearly 9 year old got stuck into the bigger box.  As a pretty accomplished Lego builder by now, he nevertheless found it a little challenging, but in a good way as he really had to absorb the instructions and problem solve a bit to get there.  The great thing with the app was that when he felt he needed a breather, he hopped onto our iPad to read and play with some of the fun games and missions there are to complete.  We all agreed this dual aspect to the Lego set was a nice extra touch, especially our young tablet enthusiasts!


With the app (which is suitable for both Android and iOS) players can make their own agent and it mixes comic book storylines with mini games and missions – the villains and agents pitting themselves against each other in a place called Astor City.  But not only that, there is extra information to be unlocked along they way so players can gain secret instructions for additional building options – a very clever idea and in the opinion of my boys ‘totally cool’ – definitely an unexpected element.

This is a very well designed Lego collection in our opinion with a sleek, ‘grown up’ look to its styling with the emphasis on black, grey and blue colours.  I noticed that my oldest son, who is almost a teenager, was showing interest in these sets, so I think it has quite a wide age appeal, too, and cost-wise the kits seem a fair price at £9.99 and £17.99, with plenty of build and play value for that.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if some more Ultra Agents kits were to make it onto our boys’ Christmas lists this year.

Thank you to Lego for sending us the complimentary kits to review.





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