Our eldest son is on the cusp of his teenage years and like most twelve year old boys struggles to keep his room tidy!  It doesn’t help that he has the smallest bedroom in the house and the largest collection of books and DVDs.  Although we painted his room not so long ago and bought new bedding and accessories to freshen it up, it really needs a proper sort out and redecoration.

I want to get the best use out of the small space so the whole design needs a rethink.  His wallpaper is scuffed and ripped, so needs stripping off and his carpet has seen better days, it was laid eight years ago when his baby brother was due and this small room was a nursery.  It gets dusty around the edges and I find crisps trodden into the carpet; being light coloured it doesn’t take drink spillages well either!  So I think a priority is a hard floor surface.  We could remove the carpet and sand the floorboards and stain them, but it is quite a lot of work and I know from our own bare floorboards that it can feel quite draughty under foot.  So I think the best option is to install some cheap laminate flooring as it is a straightforward, cost effective and hardwearing option.  A quick sweep and a mop keeps it hygienic and looking good.

We want this room to last through his teenage years, so will give it a more grown up feel, with some industrial ‘loft living’ features, such as brick wallpaper and a metal pendant lamp.  I have been using his desk, which we moved downstairs to the play room, so he could do with something compact to put his laptop on.  He doesn’t have room for a wardrobe, he just has a hanging rail but I would like to put a racking/hanging system at the end of his bed to get his clothes and belongings better organised.

I’ve put together a moodboard of how I hope it will look when we have given it a much needed makeover.  What do you think?

Teenage Boy's Bedroom
 We hope to make a start on it soon, after we have finished the bathroom refresh, so I will share  progress and some before and after photos.
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