A Shiny New Kitchen Sink and Gemma Mixer Tap

new tap

Having put up with a leaky kitchen tap for the past few months, it feels good to have got rid of it this week and replaced it with a nice, shiny new one!

This is what we had before:

old sink


Every time we turned the tap on, water dribbled out where it shouldn’t.


The pipework beneath the sink was leaky too and temporarily taped up.  Yuk!


A replacement was long overdue!  The tap we chose is the Gemma mixer tap from Homebase in chrome, costing £109.

gemma tap

What appealed to me is that it is quite classic in design.  It suits the style of our kitchen units and I just love the little white knobs for turning the water on and off.


It reminds me of the ‘faucets’ you see in American homes on Pinterest and in blogs, which I rather like the style of.  Here is the Gemma tap in place in our kitchen after it was plumbed in:

sink after

Our sink was functional but showing its age, so if we were going to get a nice shiny new tap, it made sense to replace the sink at the same time.  Choosing a new sink was something that I pondered over for a while and even asked advice over on the Tidy Away Today facebook page!  I quite fancied a change from stainless steel – either a white ceramic or a grey granite sink (I’d seen some online from a brand called Schock which looked really nice).   But I had a few concerns about the care of them, such as avoiding staining, as well as my sometimes heavy-handed sons chipping or cracking them.  That would be a nightmare!  My long term plan is to remodel our kitchen entirely, which would involve possibly having a sink within a kitchen island.  So cost was another consideration, it didn’t make sense to spend more than we needed to on a fancy sink which may turn out to be a stop gap (fingers crossed!).

So we opted for another simple stainless steel sink for now; it is hygienic and easy to clean, lightweight and good value.  And let’s face it, anything would be a vast improvement on what we had.  I had been recommended the brand ‘Franke’ and shopped around for a deal online.


With the plumber booked, I couldn’t wait to see the new sink and tap in place and am really happy with the result – not just the fact that the leak is no more, but it all looks so nice, clean and new.

tap running

As well as looking great, the white handles move smoothly and with such ease; you could turn them on or off with a finger if your hands were dirty (but at the same time they don’t feel cheap or lightweight).  Because they take little effort to turn, the Gemma mixer tap would also be ideal for someone with limited use of their hands, and children can operate it easily too.

Now that the pipes beneath the sink are also sorted and no longer leaking, the next thing I can do is look at organising the cupboard below – if I find any good storage solutions I’ll make sure to share those too!

In collaboration with Homebase

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