A Very Merry Chalkboard

I think you either love chalkboard walls or you don’t.  I definitely do and have been discovering some nice Christmas chalkboard designs on Pinterest, such as these…

I really like the festive feel of the fonts and the leafy doodles and baubles/snowflakes, and I fancied doing something Christmassy with the chalkboard wall in our kitchen.  So when I saw this very sweet Christmas tree, although ambitious (for me) I knew I had to try it!

Chalkboard Christmas Tree

So I began, by doing a replica of the top couple of branches, until I realised it was going to take me forever and I really don’t have the patience for it!!

So another look on Pinterest and I found a few simpler versions, like this greetings card design

And so I decided to take elements of both, combined with the things I could draw more easily and got busy with my chalk ink marker pen and a stick of chalk (the marker pen for the outlines and detail, the chalk stick for filling in the larger sections).

It took a while, but I’m pleased with it and the boys seem to like the fact there is a hidden secret behind the kitchen door!


What do you think, am I mad or is it acceptable to draw on the walls like this in the name of Christmas??!!!

If you like the chalkboard look, but don’t fancy painting one of your walls, you can buy chalkboard stickers, either plain rectangular shapes, like this from Vinyl Impression

or shaped designs, such as an elegant stag’s head from Brume

And for ideas beyond Christmas, you could check out my Chalk pinterest board

Finally, if you are a perfectionist and can’t stand messy writing on a chalkboard, you can achieve beautiful chalkboard lettering with a tutorial from Indie Craft Parade (thanks to Julie at Lilacs & Longhorns for finding it and sharing the link!)


© Copyright Antonia, All rights Reserved. Written For: #tidylife
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