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A Week On My Feet #ihavethisthingwithfloors

Last week I was snapping pictures of the floor for a fun challenge set by Luxury Flooring.  If you are an Instagram fan like me (and if you are, you can follow #tidylife here!), you have probably seen the incredibly popular hashtag #ihavethisthingwithfloors.  It’s where people post images of their feet on gorgeous and interesting floors and it’s quite addictive!  So, inspired by this, Luxury Flooring asked me to record a ‘week on my feet’, photographing some of the various floors I encountered.


I started the week with a cup of tea, followed immediately by a coffee (as always!) in our kitchen.

Karndean floor Manchester

Although we inherited this floor when we moved here about eleven years ago, it’s still going strong and I love the Greek Key design it has because it adds a bit of interest.  It’s a Karndean floor, which proves that although it can be a bit pricey to install, it definitely more than pays for itself.  We spent the day at home on Monday, as the boys had a friend over and it was so gloriously sunny it was just nice to be in the garden.


The boys went off to Southport for the day with their grandparents while Paul and I had a morning meeting in Leeds.  On the way back, we swung into Manchester city centre for a spot of lunch.  We walked past the Town Hall, which I know has an array of stunning tiles, so naturally I popped in and took a few piccies.  On the first floor there’s a glorious Manchester Bee design, but I don’t think it’s in an area you can just wander into so I didn’t get that.  But still lots of great mosaics to see inside and out:

Manchester Town Hall Floors


We took a trip to the Trafford Centre which is our nearest shopping mall.  While we were there, I made sure we popped into the Disney store because although my kids are a bit old for it now, I remembered many a trip in here when they were younger – and I always loved the blue sparkle floor!  It looked to me like a vast universe of stars and so I was glad to see it still there in the store; who’d have thought a floor could make you feel a bit nostalgic, awww.

Disney Store Trafford Centre


I took the boys for a haircut in the morning and we went to a local park in the afternoon so they could play tennis – this was my view of the floor then!

Insta tennis


This was a day for catching up on work and cleaning/laundry – not very exciting but necessary!  I scrubbed the shower room and mopped the floors.  This is our loo floor with its lovely textured Ted Baker tiles that feel so nice underfoot when your feet are bare.

Ted Baker Tiles


We went to Wythenshawe Park with our youngest two boys where they have some farmyard animals and a tudor hall which unfortunately is having to be restored after a fire.  We followed that with some lunch at the Metropolitan Pub in West Didsbury, where I snapped these tiles at the entrance.

Metropolitan West Didsbury


We went shopping for school shoes at the Lowry Shopping Centre which is adjacent to Media City in Salford and discovered lots of mosaics outside, as well as a pretty patchwork design in the doorway of a place called Craft Brew where we stopped for a coffee.Floor Tiles around the Lowry

What a fun way to document your week!  I’m going to be looking down a bit more when we are out and about in future, and adding my finds to #ihavethisthingwithfloors.  Are there any stunning or unusual floors where you live?

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