An organised study space

A while back I began re-doing our eldest son’s bedroom, as it was needing an update after its years as a nursery.

Then life in general got busy – as tends to be the case – and in the way of my makeover plans – tut!

Suffice to say,  I haven’t made as much progress as I had planned.  I thought his room would be all finished by now.  But not so, however I can share what was the main priority and that was to get a corner of his room organised for homework and study.

This was the desk I bought on Ebay for him

Pine desk

which, after a bit of prepping, white spray paint and red acrylic eggshell paint, ended up looking like this

Red painted desk
Red painted desk

(The desk drawers can be pushed across to the other side, in case you thought it was your eyes!)

Of course he then needed something to sit on.  We’ve had a couple of these chairs hanging around the house, not doing much.

Modern chair

Quite nice and modern; the backs remind me of a bulldog clip!

But I wanted to jazz it up a bit, so a quick browse on Pinterest and I spotted a similar chair that had been given nice painted stripes.

So I set to work on Alex’s, firstly painting the whole seat in grey.  Once it was dry, I used green Frog tape to mark off stripes… (no measuring, as usual – all done by eye).

Frog tape stripes

…and painted the visible grey bits white

White stripes on chair seat

When the white paint was still slightly tacky, I gently pulled the tape off.

The addition of some metal wall storage holders and angled lamp – both of which we already had –

Study space

and a few new, inexpensive purchases – world map poster, a pinboard and an Ikea Bygel rail with containers – all made for a nice little workspace for Alex.

Child's study space

I think he feels more inclined to get his homework done, now that he has somewhere quiet and nicer to sit.  I sometimes find him drawing there or reading, too, so it is not just a work space.

So, now I just need to get on and finish the rest of the room – and since it is the smallest bedroom in the house, it shouldn’t be that difficult really, should it?! 😉

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