Review of Slumberdown Fresh & Healthy Bedding

Anti allergy beddingFresh & Healthy is the name of the new products from bedding specialists, Slumberdown and I was recently sent a duvet and two pillows from this anti-allergy range to try out at home.

With a son who has asthma, the duvet and pillows have been on his bed for the last couple of weeks.  The duvet is a 10.5 tog and together with the pillows they provide asthma, allergy and dust mite protection.  Made in the UK and given the allergy UK seal of approval from the British Allergy Foundation, both the duvet and pillows inhibit dustmites, fungus and mould.  They’re also washable at 40 degrees and can be tumble dried.

Although the pillows say firm support, they are still quite soft and squishy when you lie on them and spring nicely back into shape in the morning.  They offer enough support for those people who prefer to sleep on their side.  All the covers are 100% cotton, while the fillings are 100% polyester hollowfibre.


My son is sometimes troubled at night with a cough and wheezing that will wake him and make it hard for him to breathe.  So anything we can do to alleviate the triggers is welcome.  Did you know that at least 12 million Brits suffer from allergic reactions and asthma caused by dust mites, one of the major triggers of night time allergy symptoms?

Lyndsey McManus, CEO at Allergy UK said: “Allergy UK has endorsed this bedding range which has been specially treated to prevent the proliferation of house dust mites, mould and bacteria; allergens which are known to cause reactions in people affected by allergy and allergic asthma.”

Over the past fortnight, my son has found the duvet and pillows to be very comfortable and warm.  Although generously filled, they have a nice lightweight feel which helps him sleep better.  Heavy blankets and bedding don’t feel nice when you are struggling for breath.  We’re hoping that this new bedding, combined with being diligent about taking his preventative inhaler and hoovering his room and mattress regularly will all help him sleep better through the winter months, when he is usually worse affected.

duvet-landscapeIf you suffer with allergies or asthma, or your children do, and you would like to give this range a try, it’s available now from Argos, with prices starting at a very reasonable £10 for a pack of 2 pillows or a kids cot size bed set.  Duvets are available in single, double and king size.

With thanks to Slumberdown for providing the bedding for this review

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