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 Pixie girlOur sweet little cat only came to live with us last year and I must admit I hadn’t really thought about getting any pet insurance up to now.  But she has become such a part of the family – you may have seen her in one or two blog posts, she loves the camera…



She has even landed herself a little modelling job, you can see her here demonstrating a comfy cat bed!

We would hate to think of anything happening to her. She is microchipped and wears a collar in case she gets lost.  She is young and healthy now, but if she fell ill or was injured in the road, I would feel much more reassured to know we were covered by pet insurance for subsequent treatment.

So when Argos invited me to take a look at their pet insurance scheme I was interested from a personal perspective.

There seems to be a lot of different pet plans available in general and maybe that’s why I haven’t done anything about it until now.  It can be a bit confusing – who do you insure with, what levels of cover will you need, are there any hidden charges?

If you don’t have a lot of time to shop around, I think it’s best to go with a name you know and trust to give you a good deal.  Argos is such a brand in my opinion and when I checked out the pet insurance page on their website it seemed nice and simple  – I could immediately see the fee structure, whether you have a dog or cat, and need a single or multiple pet policy.  You can get a quick quote tailored to your animal(s) and it turns out that Pixie could be covered for up to £2,500 vet fees on the lowest monthly payment, which is less than £5 per month.  There are tiers of cover so you can increase the level of benefits, such as vet fees up to £7K, with only a slight increase in cost per month.  You can pay annually if you prefer, but spreading the cost doesn’t incur an APR so I’m going to pay monthly.

I’ve literally just signed her up, a gentleman has just called to confirm everything and I feel glad it is sorted – peace of mind.  Do you insure your pets and are you glad you did?  I’d love to hear your stories.

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