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Banish the Winter Chill with a Bioethanol Fireplace

ImaginFires BioethanolOn the blog I look at a lot of innovative home products and ideas, but it is only recently that I have become acquainted with Bioethanol Fireplaces and so maybe they are new to you, too?

Perhaps you have been looking for a hassle free fire feature for a redundant fireplace in your home – if so, one of these could be ideal for you.

Basically, with a bioethanol fireplace, you don’t need a chimney or gas supply.  As well as looking lovely and warm and inviting, they do actually provide a source of heat, operating on bio-fuel which means there are no dangerous fumes or requirement for a chimney.

They are perfect if you have an empty hearth or an opening where a fire used to be – or if, like us, you don’t want the hassle of making a real fire in your fireplace, but still like to have the flickering, warming effect of a real flame.

We were sent the above fire basket recently, it is called the Anya from ImaginFires.  It is both a compact and stylish design that fits perfectly in our tiled 1930s fireplace.  Looking like a traditional fire basket, it suits our setting well.

Bioethanol fireplace

As mentioned, we do sometimes make a fire in our open fireplace.  It is lovely when its burning, but afterwards there is a horrible mess to clear up with all the cinders:

1930s fireplace

The beauty of the Anya is that all you need to do is pour in some bioethanol fuel into the channel and light it.  The first time we lit it, I thought I detected a slight odour, but I haven’t on using it subsequently.  Some people say there is a faint odour on lighting and extinguishing the fire, whereas others don’t notice anything.  It is smokeless too, hence no need for a chimney!  The fuel can be bought from ImaginFires in single bottles, packs of six or packs of twelve.


A full bottle of fuel will burn for over three hours and the heat output is about equivalent to a 3.5kw heater on a medium setting.

Although we haven’t tried them, you can add some ceramic pebbles beside the flames for extra style.

Anya fire

There are lots of different designs on the ImaginFires website, including some very contemporary looking fires and even those that resemble a lovely log burning stove.

Malvern black

Marlow white

Globus white

If you can’t have a real fire, for example in a modern home or apartment where there aren’t any chimneys, a Bioethanol Fire could be ideal for you.

Thank you to ImaginFires for sending us an Anya fire basket for review.

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