Bathroom Renovation Hints and Tips

Some of you may know that I’ve got bathroom renovation on the brain at the moment as I plan for the day we can properly transform our own bathroom.  If you are also thinking of a re-fit, why not take a read of today’s guest post:

When renovating your bathroom it’s important that you know exactly what you want before starting the project. This way you can ensure everything turns out right. So here’s a few things to consider when planning your bathroom renovation.

Setting Your Budget

First of all, decide on what your budget is otherwise you risk overspending. Make sure there’s room for movement in case things cost more than you expect, but do set an absolute top limit. And stick to it.

In setting your budget you’re going to need to consider how much of the work you can do yourself and how much you need someone else to do for you. If you’ve never renovated a bathroom before, and you don’t know anyone who has that will supervise you, then I would suggest hiring people to do everything but the more superficial design points. Doing it yourself might save you some money but you don’t want to risk having a bad quality bathroom, or even injuring yourself. On that point, unless you’re a registered electrician you’re definitely going to need to hire one – that’s one thing you should never try and do yourself.

If you are using professional fitters then the next thing you need to do is check how much it is to buy the appliances separately and have someone fit them versus how much it is to buy the appliances and get that company to fit them. You may find that you can make considerable cost savings just by putting in that little extra legwork to find out.

Choosing Appliances

When choosing your appliances consider the size of your bathroom. You may, for example, find that a corner basin best fits if the space available is small. But make sure that any space-saving appliances aren’t too small! Try sitting in your chosen bath before buying it to make sure the size and shape are comfortable. Finally, when choosing bathroom appliances, don’t skimp out! Every bathroom needs both a bath and a shower. The convenience of the shower and the comfort of the bath will both be missed if you don’t fit one or the other – and potential future buyers of your house will definitely take this into account. So if you’re struggling for space make sure you install a shower bath for the best of both worlds.

Hiring Help

When you’ve chosen your bathroom appliances you need to make sure they will be delivered according to your schedule. Similarly, when choosing who you will be hiring to help you, ensure that the delivery date is early enough so that not only will it all be delivered on time, but there is enough time for replacement of any broken items.  Another consideration is whether you’ll need to arrange skip hire to get rid of your old bathroom fixtures and fittings.

When choosing your helpers, some important things to consider include whether your trader is using a contractor or not – and if they are, can they vouch for the quality of the work? Also ensure that you do not pay everything up front. If you pay a deposit and then pay the full amount once they are done then this provides them with the confidence that you will pay for their services, but also ensures that you have some leverage if anything goes wrong. And they can’t run away with your budget!

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