Blackpool’s Most Wanted! Our Visit to Madame Tussauds

most wanted

One of the really nice things about blogging is being invited from time to time to visit a place and write about it on my blog.  We had such an opportunity last week to drop by Madame Tussauds in Blackpool.

Living in Manchester, it’s not  far to Blackpool, however I haven’t been myself in many years and we’ve never taken the boys.  Seeing the famous Blackpool Tower as we approached brought back memories, but we really weren’t sure what to expect from Madame Tussauds, Blackpool.  I thought it might be quite small and not on a par with the London one, but we were very pleasantly surprised during our visit.

On entering, you encounter an array of well known TV faces – grab your camera and make sure you get a snap of yourself sitting between Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh, with Cheryl Cole looking on.


Then go and have a mingle with Jeremy Kyle, ‘SuBo’, Keith Lemon, Bruce Forsyth, Davina McCall and Jamie Oliver, amongst others, in this section.


Keith Lemon

It’s great the way it is set out, you can get up close to the models and have a good scrutinise of their features (and surprise yourself at how tall or small people are!) plus there are fun photo opportunities where you can be part of the scene.

Being able to climb some rocks with Bear Grylls was a thrill for my boys, they love his programmes!

Bear Grylls

And they were up for a bit of make believe bug eating with Ant and Dec!

Ant&DecThen we headed to the sports section that really appealed to our eldest who was able to see Rooney, Gerrard, Linekar and Becks up close – a nice treat for mums, too!



But there weren’t only football stars, Alex enjoyed seeing Lewis Hamilton and Tiger Woods, too – and since our visit we’ve heard that Mo Farrah has also joined the crew!

I expected there might be some well known Corrie faces, but hadn’t realised you can actually pop into the Rovers Return for a drink while you’re looking at them!

RoversThe music hall of fame was very good, too, with some more excellent likenesses – again great that you can get face-to-face with the models…

MJ Peter Andre LeonaI was really surprised by how tiny Lady Gaga is – I think she was my favourite model, actually, as I loved her theatrical make up and outfit.  There were some fun portraits too of her wacky costumes where you could pop your head through and take a snap.

Gaga Gaga

Gaga me

There were plenty of fun things like this and others on the way round… gruesome!

Gabe guillotine

In this section you can also have a cast made of your hand in wax to take home as a souvenir, which the boys thought was cool…

Hand wax areaIt was very popular and we queued up for a go, except for Beau who at five is a bit too young – the wax does feel quite hot for a few moments!

Hand wax Alex hand wax Gabe

It was really fun, albeit a bit peculiar feeling, and great to bring them home, after they were carefully packaged in individual boxes.  Here are ours on top of our bookcase (don’t leave them near a radiator if you get yours done!)


There was still more to see, the place was certainly a lot bigger than I had anticipated.  We got totally disorientated trying to make our way through a hall of mirrors…


and then encountered both royalty and the Beatles (see how Paul and I just seamlessly blend in… ha ha!)

Me & Kate


I’m trying to remember if Kate had very high heels on – I hope she did!  (I’m sure she did…)

The boys were thrilled to have a photo opportunity with a wall-climbing Spiderman, and they got to see just how big an Ogre Shrek really is:


After a stroll past some well known comedy faces, past and present…


…we exited into the gift shop, which had a good selection of goodies and price ranges of souvenirs to buy.

What a fun time we had – there was plenty to see and do, the staff were friendly and helpful and we thoroughly enjoyed our visit.  Even though our 5 and 8 year olds didn’t recognise all of the famous faces, they knew enough and still found it all a really enjoyable experience with lots to amuse and entertain them on the way round.  We probably spent a good couple of hours or more in there and I would certainly recommend the place to other families looking for something a bit different to do one weekend or when holidaying in the area.

Thank you to Madame Tussauds, Blackpool for a fantastically fun time and for being so welcoming to the Ludden family.

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