Brand New VQ Hepburn Mk II Radio – Review & Giveaway!


Are you swooning yet?  It’s understandable… this stunning View Quest Radio is a thing of beauty.  Not only that, it’s incredibly good quality.   Having tested it out recently, we’ve fallen in love with the VQ Hepburn Mk II Radio and these are the reasons why:

Looks & build quality

The Hepburn MkII DAB Radio is made with high quality British components and designed by British designers – it truly is born in Britain.  With it’s cool, retro styling and fantastic range of colours to choose from, it’s hard to pick a favourite.

Sound quality

We have had a couple of DAB radios in the past that have been perfectly fine on the talk radio stations, but once you try and listen to some tunes the sound quality has been poor.  The Hepburn Mk II has “Full range Ultra-wide Speaker Drivers”.  In other words, turn that volume up and prepare to be seriously impressed with the digital sound.

Bluetooth speaker

As a family we have all become avid users of Spotify.  Everyone has their own playlist and occasionally feels the needs to “convince” other family members that theirs is the best.  Even the better phones and tablets struggle with the sound once you crank up the volume a little.  The wireless Bluetooth connectivity on the Hepburn Mk II has taken these music duels to a new level.  It’s really easy to sync your device to the Hepburn and use it as a speaker for your phone or tablet.  Great for parties and we can’t wait for the next barbecue.

USB charging

It’s always useful to have another phone or tablet charger; I’ve lost count of the amount of devices we need to charge.  The Hepburn Mk II has a USB charging port on the back.  In fact this is such a useful feature that I’ve not told the kids about it.  It’s just for me.  Do I feel bad about this?  Nooooo.

Hepburn7DAB, DAB+

The Hepburn Mk II not only gives you current DAB stations but will also pick up the DAB+ stations coming online.  It’s futureproofed.  Just sit back and relax.  No need to keep up with the Jones’s, they will have to keep up with you.

Full Specification:

  • DAB, DAB+ & FM Radio
  • Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity
  • 3.5mm Audio-in & Headphone Jack
  • Full Range Ultra-wide Speaker Drivers
  • Digital Sound Processing Technology for Premium Audio Quality
  • 10 Presets Stations on DAB?DAB+ & FM
  • VQ Dual Alarms – His & Hers or Week & Weekend
  • Multi-Language Settings
  • USB Charging for Smart Phones, Tablets, Etc
  • Mains (UK/EU Plug)
  • Optional Rechargeable VQ Battery Pack – Runtime circa 12hrs
  • Choose from 11 Colours and a range of Designer Prints
  • Born in Britain – Premium Design & Engineering

Is there anything View Quest haven’t thought of?  Nope!  Now onto the fabulous giveaway, where one lucky winner will win a brand new VQ Hepburn Mk II Radio – in any choice of colour!  Simply subscribe yourself for VQ news & info and then you will unlock other entry options to increase your chances of winning.  Very best of luck, this is a fantastic prize indeed – big thanks to VQ.

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