Change Your Home & Your Life With An Orangery

If you’d like more space but don’t want to move, you’ll see from today’s guest post that an orangery could be the answer you’re looking for.

We’ve all been in a situation where we’ve wished to have greater space in our homes. Sometimes  we just need somewhere to store our belongings, or have a place to spend quality time with our family and friends.

Well, the great news is that you can alter your home and create a whole new aesthetic in the process simply by investing in an orangery.

An orangery is an increasingly popular addition to British homes and is taking the place of conservatories as the number one choice of home extension.

You’ll quickly find that the space you gain with an orangery allows you to live a more comfortable, productive and even creative life, as you’ll soon find that you now have space for all kinds of interesting new pursuits.  Whether you require somewhere for children to play, or are looking to construct a home office, bespoke orangeries provide an ideal environment for all homes.

 Preparing your orangery

If you have a specific use in mind for your orangery, it makes sense to arrange your room so that it will best serve the function(s) you intend it for.

For example, if the orangery is intended to act as a child’s play room, it’s a good idea to include décor that will appeal to kids, such as using bright colours and with plenty of room for them to run and play.

If, however, the room will serve as a formal dining area for parties and other more refined occasions, it makes sense to ensure that you have a space large enough to accommodate both a large table and plenty of seating space where guests can feel comfortable and relaxed.

Another popular use for an orangery is for it to act as a home working environment where important duties can be completed away from the office. For this it makes sense to decorate the room with claiming colours so you can relieve the stress that such work can bring. Assuasive blue and green shades are usually ideal for creating a soothing atmosphere.

It might also be wise to have a set of good strong doors installed so that you can block out any distractions and concentrate fully. If you’ll have to host important meetings with clients at your house, it’s also best to maintain this professional aura to ensure that a respectable tone is maintained at all times.

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Show off your style and personality

 To make an orangery feel more like part of your home rather than simply an extension of your house, it’s important to create a setting with décor and style that reflects your own personal flair.

Generally orangeries are painted in neutral shades like magnolia and solid white colours, which provide a very natural and calming aesthetic, although they can also potentially limit your creative approach. Having an orangery full of vivid colours and experimental artwork are an interesting alternative to consider, and will certainly make for interesting conversation whenever guests come to visit.

An orangery can be a place for you to experiment with colour and artistic temperament in ways that other rooms in your house may not allow. While we’re on the subject of individual identity, don’t ever feel that you must conform to the style of current trends and fads, as an orangery should be a place for you to experiment with your usual style completely.

 Matching the rest of your home

 Being individual is certainly one way to celebrate your orangery, but that’s not to say that you can’t turn your structure into a continuation of the tones you’ve created throughout the rest of your home. Complementing your existing colour scheme with a similar decor can enhance the appeal of your other rooms and express creativity without any dramatic changes taking place.

This is a particularly good approach if you intend for your orangery to be more of an extension to your home rather than a separate entity.

 Is your orangery for gardening pursuits?

 It’s sometimes easy to lose sight of what an orangery was originally used for when first introduced into British homes in the 17th century. They were initially intended to act as a room for cultivating exotic plants otherwise difficulty to rear in a British climate.

There are many kinds of foreign plant that will be allowed to prosper in a modern home environment thanks to an orangery. Citrus plants are a common choice for UK indoor plant growth, and if maintained well they will produce delicious tasting fresh fruit, including lemons and oranges.

If you really want to use your orangery for creative affect, you can match your décor with a colour scheme that reflects the colour of the plants you are rearing. This works just as well with the flowers in your garden as the plants inside your orangery. 

 Sometimes less is more

An orangery works best when it is a spacious area, so adding smaller furniture such as trendy coffee tables, unique vases and stools will allow you plenty of room while capturing both a funky contemporary look and a minimal classic one.

If you need inspiration for the style and material of an orangery, visit to explore a range of options available to you.

How would you decorate an orangery? Comment and let us know.

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