Rewards for children

Cheap and creative storage solutions – Top 5

Some of the best storage is free, especially when given a ‘makeover’ with a bit of simple crafting.  I’ve listed my current top 5 cheap & cheerful storage solutions below:

Upcycled Packaging

The humble baked bean or soup can can be transformed into a stylish pen pot with a piece of nice, decorative paper or fabric glued around the empty can.

I made these pen holders by using the sleeves of a favourite old cardigan:

crafty pen pots

upcycled cardigan
upcycling fabric

Clutter free desk in no time – and no expense involved, just a little spare time.


One of the cheapest solutions.  Anything that gets clutter off the floor and utilises an otherwise unused space, e.g . the back of a door, is great by me.  Laundry bags, coats, school backpacks.  In the shed or garage, heavy duty hooks keep garden tools and bikes safely stowed up out of the way.  Simple, plastic stick-on hooks under the sink to organise dish washing items, dustpan & brushes etc.   ‘S’ hooks on a rail in the kitchen to hang mugs and cooking utensils, e.g. like ours from Ikea.

metal plate rack

It has freed up space inside our kitchen cabinets and keeps clutter off the work surfaces.  Also, everything we need is to hand. How about painting some garden trellis and attaching it to the wall of a porch or on a back door;  it’s perfect to hang S hooks for dog leads, scarves, bags, umbrellas – anything you need to grab on your way out.

Glass jars

Buttons, stamps, rubber bands, pens, paintbrushes, cotton reels, ribbons etc are stored perfectly and for free in jam, coffee and pasta sauce jars.  I decorated these Kilner jars to hold the boys ‘reward tokens’ – in return for good deeds and help with chores the boys earn pocket money, represented by these tokens which are just poker chips.  Placed in a highly visible place to keep them motivated!

Rewards for children

Incentives for kids
1930s hall

If you have a handy shelf anywhere, maybe in a shed for holding screws and nails, simply glue the lids of some attractive jars to the underside of the shelf, so that they hang neatly and can be unscrewed easily when needed.

Old drawers

Not as in knickers, but redundant chest drawers.  This is my current project at home, I’ve already removed the drawer runners and just need to fix some castors like these from Ikea to the drawer bases,  then we can easily stow them under the bed for toys.

Upycled drawers

Underbed storage

I will line them with some nice paper and maybe even paint the fronts with some blackboard paint so I can write on in chalk what each drawer contains – or stick on a picture label for our youngest, who can’t read yet.


stair basketSo versatile and not only do they look nice, they don’t need to cost a fortune.  Line ’em up on top of wardrobes and kitchen cupboards for additional storage – you can clip on little blackboard labels for cuteness and to be able to identify the contents.  My next project for our kitchen!

Stair baskets, shaped for standing on a step at the bottom of a staircase, are a good way to gather together items that need to be returned upstairs.  I also keep a basket in the corner of each room for a quick stray toy tidy-up throughout the day.  When I have a bit more time, I put the contents back where they belong, but at least it keeps tripping over things to a minimum!  We also have a basket in the living room for rolled up blankets, which are always required when the kids want to snuggle in front of the TV.

So that’s my top 5 cheapo or free storage… I really love discovering ways to make use of the things we either already have or would normally throw away!

© Copyright 2012 Antonia, All rights Reserved. Written For: Tidylife
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