Windows 8 OS

Choosing Windows 8 – An Easy Decision for our Family

Windows 8 OS

Recently, there seems to be more demand on our computers at home.  Now that our younger boys are doing more research-based homework (not to mention finding new online games to play as recommended to them by friends), there is a queue for the family PC and our two laptops most evenings and weekends.  Currently the newer laptop is used as a work laptop and the older model our eldest son tends to commandeer for homework and to play football manager on mostly.

I can see that ultimately we may decide to buy another computer to meet our family’s needs.  If we were to get another one, perhaps one for the younger boys to share, we would want it to have the Windows 8 operating system from Microsoft, as that’s the one they are familiar with and find easy to use.

Windows 8 makes your PC or laptop as simple to use as a tablet and the good thing for us about having this operating system, particularly on our main PC, is that we can each have our own profile to log into.  This means that our individual settings on the desktop are saved, so even though the computer is shared by five people, each time one of us logs in it is like having our own individual PC – all our searches and favourites are still there.  Also, each person’s profile can be configured exactly how they wish, for example with the kids we can take off the stuff that’s not relevant and leave on the kids apps that interest them the most.  Parental control settings are good on this operating system, too.  And by using the OneDrive cloud, we can log in on any device in fact and access all our documents, music etc.

The other advantage for us is that Windows 8 is ideal for touchscreens and since our PC has a touchscreen, moving between smartphones, tablets and our PC is easy as pie.  If you are thinking of buying a computer and having this particular operating system, a touchscreen might be a consideration for you if you are already used to using one on your smartphone or tablet.  Instead of a traditional menu, the apps are presented in a colourful system of tiles that can be customised by re-sizing and rearranging them to suit your needs.  Although at first some adults seemed to find the tiled system a bit tricky, most people enjoy using them now and our kids definitely have no problems, tending to find the live tiles much easier to use than an old style menu.  But if you really prefer the menu of Windows 7 you can still opt to use the newer Windows in the same way – but it’s definitely not as much fun!

If you want to know more about this new product, have a look at Tesco website and check a very informative guide to Windows 8.

Thanks to Tesco for the inspiration for this post

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