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#ComingHome – Hive’s Heartwarming Home Coming Moments


As hard as it can be to say goodbye to friends and family when they embark on a long journey, it makes their welcome home all the more heart-warming and special.  Which is why Hive, the creators of the gadget that lets people control heating and hot water from their phones, have launched a campaign to celebrate the blissful moment of #ComingHome.

Hive understand the magical feeling we all get when we step through that door and have captured those special coming home moments in their new two part film series, the first of which has just aired and you can see it below:

Because Hive are all about coming back to a warm and inviting home, they want to celebrate that feeling with the launch of a great new Competition.  Hive are asking you to share your home coming moments or wishes, or to nominate someone who you think deserves a special #ComingHome moment.


The Competition

If watching the film made you feel inspired to surprise a loved one with a home coming to remember, simply tell Hive who in your life deserves an amazing home coming moment worth £1,500 (check out the Terms and Conditions here).


And there’s a Coming Home £50 Hamper up for grabs too!

To celebrate the launch of the main competition, Hive have partnered with Tidy Away Today on a mini-competition to offer one lucky person the chance to win a lovely ‘Coming Home’ hamper of goodies worth £50 including Oliver Bonas candles, deluxe hot chocolate and even more gorgeous treats. To enter, simply leave a comment below telling me a bit about your favourite home coming moment.  This mini-comp will close at noon on 1st April 2015 and we will select a favourite comment soon after.

The #ComingHome campaign has really got me thinking about those special touches that can make a home coming even more warm and welcoming.  How nice it would be to return not only to a warm house, but a delicious home-cooked meal, such as a comforting casserole simmering away in the oven, a fridge stocked with all essentials such as milk, butter and bread so you wouldn’t need to dash out to the shops.  Maybe some cosy slippers too and luxuriously scented bubble bath for a bit of pampering!

I wanted to put together a mood board of ideas for some lovely homeware items that would certainly give a warm welcome to anyone who has just returned home from a long journey or perhaps a stay in hospital.  The sight of some familiar flowers and a glass of bubbly I’m sure would be very welcome!  And not only are pineapples very fashionable right now, they are historically a traditional sign of welcome.




I hope that has inspired you a little to think about how you can make someone’s home coming happy and memorable.  And don’t forget to nominate someone you think deserves their own special #ComingHome moment from Hive.  I’ll be following this campaign with interest!

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  1. A bunch of fresh flowers usually make a home more welcoming, add the smell of baking and you have paradise.

  2. Seeing your loved ones again and then sitting down to enjoy a family meal together (you favourite of course) with time to catch up and laugh together!

  3. Every year, I make the long, boring car journey up the motorway to get back to my parent’s house for Christmas. I’m usually worn out and weary by the time I get there but it’s always worth it when I turn into the lane and see the familiar glow of the tree lights through the window and my mum, standing there smiling and waiting eagerly for me on the step. The tiredness vanishes – and I’m just happy to be home! That’s my favourite ‘home-coming’ moment.

  4. My favourite home coming moment was when I came home from hospital after having my son. My daughter was waiting for us with tulips and she was just so excited.. It was amazing!

  5. coming home from a long day at work to find a fancy meal laid out in the appropriately decked out dining room just because <3

  6. mine was when I was young and quite ill.. I got admitted to hosp for a weekend that turned out to be 3 weeks… I’d left behind a small puppy with mu hubby.. when I finally got home the pup had grown so much but still remembered me .. he came bounding up, I scooped him and I got so many kisses… that was my boy Rolo who passed this week age 14 <3 .. the best home coming ever

  7. My only child is at University, he comes home briefly just three times a year. Whilst I know he’s a big boy now and can look after himself I always make sure he gets a great welcome. I make sure his room is clean, tidy and aired and his bed sheets smell lovely. I make a huge pile of freshly washed and fluffed towels and put all new bottles of products in the bathroom for him to try. I cook all of his favourite foods from scratch whilst he’s home but always have a homemade cake and a huge mum hug ready and waiting for when he gets here. I think it’s really important to make him feel welcome, safe and loved, he may not live here but it is and always will be his home. I want him to always feel good about that.

  8. #ComingHome to my parents house and getting a hug from them 🙂 and smelling a lovely meal cooking in the oven

  9. The warming glow of a log fire and the dog snuggled up snoring on the sofa. Snow fluttering down through the window would make it really perfect.

  10. My mum does, they go away for a week in devon and come back the day after her 60th birthday. I think she deserves a welcome home bundle for putting up with me for 27 years lol

  11. Coming home to a lovely warm and tidy house, a pot of tea ready to pour with homemade cake (made earlier on). Dinner already prepared and ready to go in the oven and chillout music on the Brennan. Bliss

  12. My memory of a home coming, is when I worked in London as a Nanny, and didnt get home very often, those home comings were so special, mum making a big fuss, and a lovely meal, a few days of being looked after!

  13. Getting home from a trip and finding a neighbour has put fresh milk in the fridge so I can relax with a cup of tea after the journey

  14. Used to love coming home to my Mum and Dad’s house when we lived in Scotland. They were always pleased to see me, my wife, and their grandchildren – who they doted on. The living room was like a shrine to my kids – pictures absolutely everywhere. The look on my kids faces when they saw all the pictures was amazing – something I’ll never forget

  15. When my daughter went on her first school trip away on a residential I was so upset and I missed her a lot! The day she came home I couldn’t wait to hug her

  16. Years ago my husband was working in UK while I was home in Guernsey. He used to come home every other weekend. So on the Friday night at about 8.45pm , I would be waiting in the kitchen listening for the jet to come in (I live in the flight path) & when I heard it, I would rush outside & wave at the plane (what a nutter eh!) & get really excited cos my husband was going to be home in about 15 minutes!!

  17. my sister was advised not to try for another baby, after mis-carrying, but fortunately, she had a greater faith.
    her baby son was born a year later.
    i can still feel the whole families joy, and relief, when my nephew was brought home.

  18. My dog always being so excited to see us when we walk through the door. Anyone would think we had been gone for ages. Not a few hours

  19. In 2013, 3 days before christmas and after going down to 6 stone my partner was falsely diagnosed with pancreatic cancer- he was in hospital over christmas and new year where they tried to see if an operation would be possible.They prepared us for the worst. After many scans and intrusive surgery, they found he had a massive blockage and not cancer. He came home in February to me and the children and we had another christmas with a turkey dinner, presents, tree , the works.He still has an operation twice a year but is up to nine stone now and we cannot believe the miracle that happened.

  20. The best homecoming is coming home to my daughter, no matter how bad a day I have had, no matter how much grief I have been having or how much of a foul mood I am in, hearing her excitedly scream ‘mummy’ and race to throw her arms around my legs is priceless. It could only topped by her dragging me to the lounge to relax with a big glass of wine.. might be a few years before we can do that though.

  21. My daughter – who is working away from home and gives much of her valuable free time to helping Samaritans

  22. My daughter, coming back home after 4 months of not seeing her grafting away at uni (she isn’t the party hard kind).. I think she would agree there is no place like home and misses the home comforts.

  23. The best #ComingHome iv had was the day after i gave birth to my daughter. She was 10 days overdue but i traveled to my sister wedding 120 miles away. I couldn’t miss it and felt fine. Clearly not as i went into labour at the evening reception and my daughter was born 3 hours later! Everything was complete chaos but went fine. My parents in law were eager to welcome there first grandchild and were waiting for us when we got home. They had changed all the beds and set up the moses basket, sterilized bottles and had everything nice and cosy for us. They even bought us fish and chips and a lovely bottle of champagne to celebrate!

  24. When I came home from a trip abroad and my little westie jumped all over me in her excitement. It’s nice to go away but lovely to come back to that kind of greeting.

  25. The greeting I get from. My 2 year old twins when I come back from a couple of hours work. Kisses and love you’d all round makes it worth going away just so you can come back again

  26. Re-uniting with the people you’ve missed, it makes you realise how much you take them for granted when they’re not there!

  27. I had been away in Belgium. While there I had a text from my daughter to say that one of her twins, who had been very premature and had been doing well at eight months, was seriously ill in hospital with Meningitis B. I rushed back to England and to the hospital to find that she was out of danger, still had all her limbs and no apparent damage. Her little smile was the best homecoming ever.

  28. My little girl was born 3 months early so spent 3 months in hospital until she was ready to come home to her big brother, daddy and me of course, she deserved it as she was a real fighter!

  29. My favourite home coming moment was when my brother came home, albeit just for a visit, after living in America for 10 years. It was a beautiful moment to see my Mothers face when he walked in the door. 10 years is a long time not to see your son! She is 80 years old and had resigned herself to the fact she would never see him again.

  30. My dream homecoming moment would be coming home after work to a nice warm house, with the smell of a roast dinner cooking, a nice hot bath run for me and a large glass of white wine followed by clean bedding and pyjamas.

    I’d like to nominate my mum for a homecoming moment, she’s been pretty down lately with stress and feeling rough.

  31. ME – worked all over UK, and internationally, catching planes, trains, taxis, hire cars and so on managed and delivered assigned projects for Blue Chip corporate – this prize would be great ….

  32. My 17 year old daughter as she has a very demanding full time job and is suffering from heart problems which both get her down x

  33. On a Monday I always go to Slimming World straight after work (I’ve managed to loose 3 stone and am now at target)- when I get home there is always a lovely healthy cooked dinner on the table waiting for me and the family sitting there in anticipation, waiting for my news of their question “well how did you get on this week?” After tea one of the kids washes up and the other one dries, whilst I sit down with a nice cuppa and relax for the rest of the evening. I wish everyday was a Monday!!

  34. My favourite ever home-coming moment, apart from the days you come home with your children after they have been born, as that day is so precious, is the day that my wonderful dad came home from hospital, after being in HDU for 5 months being treated for an extremely serious illness. We didn’t think he would ever be able to come home and the day he finally got the go ahead to come home was the most wonderful feeling ever!

  35. I’d love to give my dad a brill homecoming on Easter Sunday – he has a fronto-temporal dementia and lives in a care home. I’m breaking him out for the day to spend Easter at home with us, and I can’t wait!

  36. A welcoming smile a comfy bed with freshly laundered bedding and a big glass of wine always hits the spot!

  37. Fresh flowers and towels, the hint of a joss stick burning, smell of dinner in the oven and an ice cold champagne in the fridge. I’m home.

  38. My favourite home coming moment is shutting the door on a cold, blustery day, stepping into the warmth and comfort of your nest, kettle boiling, dinner cooking, slippers ready, bliss.

  39. I am used to planning home comings as my husband is in the army. We’ve been together 6 years and he has done 2 tours of Afghanistan and been to Canada twice. He goes to Canada again later this year for 6 weeks, so another home coming will be planned for then. In the past there has been all sorts from parties to romantic nights in. I think my husbands favourite was him coming home to candles it everywhere, a steak dinner, a pile of movies to watch, and me greeting him at the front door in some new lingerie and a beer in my hand for him.
    winning this prize would help me do something amazing for the next time he is home.

  40. because of my work i have to be away for short periods of time so when i get back it’s always great to be home with the family

  41. My favourite home coming was after the birth of my son after 5 days in hospital and through a very windy 1987 storm where some of the huge trees in our road had fallen across the road and gardens and devastation was everywhere. It made me feel safe and warm when my husband had made the house lovely with flowers, warm heating, a lovely bubble bath and a wonderful meal and set up the baby’s cot and room.

  42. After being in hospital (I’ve spent a lot of time there) coming home to a cup of tea in your own mug and decent biscuits

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