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Over the weekend I was busy sorting out our sons’ play room and thinking about the best ways to conceal their toys, but also household clutter in general.  Of course, an important step is to pare down what we have and only keep the essentials, the things we do actually use and need.  With this in mind, I also tidied our wardrobes, making piles of clothes and items to ditch, donate or sell.  I feel like I made some really good progress, but there’s always going to be ‘stuff’ we need to keep, even if we only use it infrequently.

For this kind of clutter, the best home for it is in concealed storage.  I am always interested in furniture pieces that incorporate storage elements – especially when they don’t blow the budget.  I’ve been taking a look at the furniture available at Homebase, one of my go-to stores when I’m organising and improving our home.  I can usually find what I want at an affordable price there.

For example, I’d always imagined beds like the one pictured above would cost a fortune.  But the Elphick Winged Ottoman Double Bed Frame at Homebase is just £299.99.  This is a great design for a small bedroom that can’t accommodate much in the way of wardrobes or cupboards, by utilising all of that space beneath the mattress.  Similarly divan beds with built-in drawers make good use of the room beneath a bed; even a lidded box or two, ideally on castors for ease, can make a good contribution to keeping items neat, free of dust and out of sight.

Rooms automatically look much more neat and tidy if things are hidden from view, so in the living room, think about having modular storage rather than completely open shelves, to ensure there is less visual clutter.


A trunk or chest can make a great coffee table in a living room, it looks stylish but also conceals so much stuff, whether toys, books, folders and files, throws and spare cushions.  They are also handy for a quick tidy up should unexpected guests arrive!  Or choose a coffee table design with a shelf for magazines and newspapers, plus drawers for your remote controls.

storage coffee table

The hallway can become a disaster zone that attracts clutter like a magnet, so don’t let it get out of hand.  Streamline the space with a slim console table featuring drawers to keep keys, change, stamps, envelopes etc close at hand, but away from view.


I really like a shoe cupboard to contain all the stray footwear in a hallway.  Since buying a shoe storage cabinet a few years ago; it has helped our family of five manage to avoid having scruffy piles of shoes cluttering up the hall.

shoe store

‘Cubbies’ make great storage in any room of the house and are inexpensive.  Open cube storage works well in children’s rooms for easy toy access, but adding doors to some of the cubes might be preferable for an adult space where you don’t necessarily want everything on show.


CDs and DVDs never look attractive out on display, so I would choose a cabinet with doors to conceal them.  This also helps keep them organised, not to mention dust free.  Sideboards are perfect for storing tableware, glassware, linens and anything you use infrequently.

Finally, I couldn’t resist sharing these cool lockers in bright green or blue, aren’t they great starting at just £32.99 for the smaller one?


So if you seek out furniture that works that little bit harder by providing clever, valuable storage room, you can greatly reduce the ‘visual noise’ in your home and create a calmer, less cluttered feel.

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