Conservatory Reveal featuring Habitat’s Askem Sofa


Last time I wrote about our conservatory, we had just decorated with the aim of making the room more cosy.  A darker, earthy wall colour and some new statement wallpaper with an on-trend botanical print helped to warm up the walls and provide texture and pattern.

Previously the room had been lacking a purpose; no longer being used as a playroom or dining room, it was just an under-used extension of the living room area.  We wanted to create a nice place to sit and relax (on the admittedly rare occasions we get the chance) so new seating seemed like a good idea to define the space.  When Habitat offered us the chance to review a piece of furniture from their sofa and armchair collection, it was ideal timing.

Out of the many stylish choices, we settled on the Askem natural fabric compact sofa.  Bigger than a generous armchair, but not as large as a regular two seater sofa, it seemed perfect. 


Although tempted to decorate in grey, I didn’t want to risk the room feeling cold, so we opted for warmer neutrals, better suited to giving a cosier feel.  Really by chance, the sofa and wallpaper turned out to be a great match.

I love the unfussy design of the Askem sofa; it’s classic and contemporary at the same time, with clean lines that keep it understated.  There’s an elegance about its shape and those neat little dark feet that just elevate it slightly off the floor.  The fabric feels soft yet durable – I’m sure our three sons will put it to the test!  I must admit I’m slightly nervous that it is a lighter colour than we are used to.  I’ve been putting a knitted throw over it whenever the boys are around and there’s a definite ‘no food, no drink’ policy near the new sofa.

Sitting on it feels a treat, as it’s very deep so you can shuffle right back to get comfy, or curl your legs up with plenty of room to spare.  Our two younger boys, aged 10 and 7, fit on it together perfectly and have been enjoying an evening snuggle with a blanket and their tablets for entertainment.

We’ve added pops of orange to the room which livens up the taupe tones, including some Italian velvet cushions, our burnt orange rug and a new wall clock.


Our chunky, mango wood sideboard sits opposite the new sofa.  It’s a few years old now but I still like it and it looks at home in the space, helping along with the Askem sofa to make it feel like a proper room, rather than just a typical sunroom with patio-style furniture.

I’ve not gone into full Christmas mode yet, but couldn’t resist adding a little wintry look on top of the sideboard.  I had a Scandi-style log cabin in mind when I was putting the accessories together.  With the addition of some of my favourite hanging paper stars in December, it will transition into a Christmas look very easily.  I not an expert stylist by any means, but am lucky to have some amazingly talented blogging friends who gave me a few tips – and styling is a subject I plan to explore on the blog in the future, as I’m sure I’m not the only one who could use a few good insider tricks! sideboard_styling

Although I want to try and keep the room clutter free, it needed a few extra accessories such as frondy potted plant, a box of blankets and I will probably add a magazine rack, too – possibly also a small trunk or coffee table to complement the Askem sofa in its new home.  Then the room will be complete!

If you are thinking about getting some new seating and fancy yourself a nice Habitat sofa as well in time for Christmas, you need to place your order by 11th December.


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