Crafting Wooden Decorations This Autumn


There always seems to be a connection between the year’s colder seasons and natural wood. Perhaps it’s because of the falling leaves outside that give us a glimpse of bare trees. Maybe it’s the fact that the desire to stay warm and cosy indoors goes hand-in-hand with pleasant and comfortable rustic designs. Whatever the case, as the autumn sets in it’s a great time for artistic DIY home designers to do a little bit of crafting around the house.

I’m not suggesting any particularly large projects, but here are a few general tips for how to go about creating some fresh, seasonal decorations with bits of wood and your bare hands this year.

Start Small

If you’re not particularly experienced with woodworking, it’s a good idea to start with something small. This post on invaluable woodworking tips for beginners first advises readers to “set themselves up for success,” by doing research, gathering the correct materials, and approaching simpler jobs that can be completed with ease. This shouldn’t be too difficult to do if you’re mostly focused on in-home crafts and decorations. Even something like a set of decorative wooden coasters or bookends can work beautifully as a starter project.

Consider Heavy-Duty Tools

When you’re getting into woodworking, a lot can be done with a few simple cutting and sanding tools. But if you want to take on bigger projects (or even make smaller projects easier), a few heavy-duty pieces of equipment can make the job much simpler. Bandsaws and the like come to mind for cutting thicker pieces of wood and crafting more interesting shapes, and tools like electric power drills, power sanders and the like can also be of use depending on the types of projects you ultimately get into. The point, ultimately, is that equipment like this can sort of expand your potential and enable to you to do more jobs with greater efficiency.

Remember You Aren’t Just Woodworking

When you’re going about creating DIY designs for the home, and you want to get into some woodworking, it’s a good idea to remember that other materials and crafts are in play as well. For instance, I’ve seen a number of wonderfully creative autumn wreaths this season that may start with woodworking (a simple frame or ring) but end with all kinds of seasonal decorations. Getting back to the idea of finding some unique tools, something like a high-end glue gun can actually free you up to create something really wonderful in this regard. You’ll find information here on the different specifics and capabilities of a tool like this, which can effectively bridge the gap between woodworking and crafting. With varying settings and nozzle pieces, glue guns can be used for little details and attachments of all kinds, whether that means adorning a wooden frame with pine cones or sticking fallen leaves in an ornate pattern.

Find Your Inspiration

It sounds a little bit corny, sure, but as someone with some experience with crafting little wooden decorations around the house, I can guarantee that inspiration is the most important thing. Even if you have some general projects in mind, coming up with specific designs can be easier said than done. And there’s no shame in looking for ideas online, seeing as they’re just about infinite. For starters, I personally took to this gallery of suggestions for reclaimed wood projects. There are a few pretty ambitious ideas there, but things like bathtub tables and message boards can really get you thinking of creative ways to craft this season.

More specific advice would vary depending on each individual DIY effort you decide to dive into this season. But these are a few general things to keep in mind if you decide to do a little bit of woodworking as part of your autumn and winter design efforts.

Guest Post by Lee Clayton, a freelance writer and part-time artist. His writing primarily addresses home and garden design.

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