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Create a Unique Garden Feature with a Water Pump

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Well after some weirdly unpredicable weather earlier in the week, today turned out to be a beauty with wall to wall sunshine, which meant me popping out into the garden in between blogging to hang out multiple lines of washing.  Meanwhile, my husband has been busily constructing a deck kit next to our conservatory, which is very exciting – I will share the completed project soon!  I’m really looking forward to enjoying the garden almost as another room over the summer months.  It has got me busy thinking about what kind of other features we could add to give our outdoor space the wow factor.

Something like a water feature would be great.  We haven’t a huge garden, though, so it would need to be fairly compact.  One nice idea for a small garden, or to add character to a corner of a large garden, is to install a water pump.  A cast iron ornamental hand pump really taps into the trend for all things vintage; it can look very nostalgic, reminiscent of old, traditional village square or courtyard pumps.

And a water feature with no standing water is a much safer alternative to ponds for families with young children, yet still manages to create a unique and lovely focal point for your garden.

Of course there are many different types of garden water pumps, such as the purely decorative sort that tends to be self-contained with a pump and hose.  This type recycles the same water over and over and needs a power supply.  However many reproduction water pumps can actually work, pumping water manually from a water butt or even deeper.  Depending on where you live, you may happen to have a well, in which case a working pump can draw water from a depth of several meters.  By cranking the handle of your pump, you can collect sufficient water to use around your garden and home, which is a great way to save money.  To take the effort out of pumping, you can even power your vintage looking pump with a very up to date electric pump.  A specialist pumping solutions company would be able to design and install the most suitable water system for you, also ensuring the water is cleaned for your use.

What do you think of having a pump as a water feature in your garden?  If you think you might fancy incorporating a traditional style pump in your outdoor space, there are lots of lovely images of characterful water pumps over on Pinterest to inspire you with your own garden designs.

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