Do you know much about custom wallpaper?  Wallpaper Ink is a company that specialises in it and they kindly contacted me to see if I’d like to review a sample for my blog.

Our walls at home are fairly plain, we don’t have much wallpaper, so I thought it would be nice to add a feature wall to the master bedroom that Paul and I have just moved back into, after a bit of ‘changing rooms’ action here at ‘Tidy Away Towers’.

It’s a simple enough process; pick a design or upload one of your own, customise it and go to the check out.

Simple except there is a huge choice of images and designs in lots of different categories!  The scenic and photographic murals are impressive and breathtaking, for the right room.  However I couldn’t see an iconic building or stunning landscape going in our bedroom, (but for an office, kids room, business waiting room, cafe etc the bolder designs would look 100% awesome).  For me it was the digital patterns that caught my eye…

Back and forth I went through the options, I even asked hubby, who wasn’t fussed and gave me the, ‘You choose,’ option, which is normally music to my ears, but on this occasion I could have used some help!  But I kept coming back to this image…

A very feminine design, I loved the tones and the dragonflies especially and I thought it could be just what this blank wall needed:

But it was still a bit of a step into the unknown – also, Paul and I aren’t exactly experienced wallpaper putter-uppers.  In the past, my dad has done all of that sort of thing for us, but since he is now well into retirement and deserving of a rest, I thought it was about time that we ‘manned up’ and attempted it ourselves!  Even though I have zero experience at wallpapering, Paul has done a feature wall before in our old bedroom (and did a good job it has to be said) so I wasn’t too worried.

The customisation part of the process means that you give Wallpaper Ink your measurements and they will centre and print the design for the optimum layout on your wall.  The drops arrive labelled so you know which length goes where and of course there are instructions to follow.

We mixed the paste up quite thick and measured the wall from the left by the amount Wallpaper Ink specified to give us our plumb width.  The first sheet (obvs labelled A) then lies alongside this line.

You leave an overlap at the top


and sides, only trimming this off when the whole wall is papered.

Sheet B comes next and overlaps sheet A on the right by a couple of centimetres.  Matching up the pattern wasn’t too tricky.

Sheet C was our final drop and we had to trim it around the light switch, which was fairly simple to do; Paul cut a square smaller than the lightswitch plate, then sliced diagonally the four corners so that when he unscrewed the plate enough to loosen it, we could tuck the paper behind it before tightening the screws again.

Love that!!

So now we were looking more like this…

There weren’t many air bubbles, it all smoothed out nicely and with a straight edge and a sharp craft knife we trimmed all the edges carefully.

Now, the next step is scary.  (Sorry Wallpaper Ink, but it is!)  So much so that we, as inexperienced wallpaperers, decided to chicken out and not do it and live with the overlapped edges.

It is where I think unless you are experienced and confident at this sort of thing, it could go horribly wrong.  Because you are supposed to now take your straight edge and cut all the way down the middle of all the overlapped pieces, peel off the top cut edge, then the one below, and stick back down the two separate edges together for a more seamless join.  I can see the point of this step, I really can, as they should in theory then match up beautifully, side by side.  But if it went wrong now (and the instructions do warn at this point to take care to avoid unsightly rips), it would be ruined – and it’s not like you can just cut yourself off another length of wallpaper from a roll.

So we opted not to risk ruining the whole effect for the sake of an overlap which is not all that noticeable (and probably only to us since we fitted it).  Is that a wimp out?  Sorry if you think so!

Overall, I am thrilled with this beautiful paper, the print quality, the paper thickness and texture, the pattern and colours and it has done exactly what I hoped it would – brought a lovely cosy element to our bedroom.  (All I need now are gorgeous painted floorboards and a luxurious rug!)  It’s amazing how a feature wall can change the feel of a room.  It seems to have given our room a hint of vintage, it is a 1930s house after all and the paper is reminscent to me of a 20s or 30s look.  It makes me want to drape strings of pearls and vintage clothes on a hanger!

I can see a scheme in my mind now for the whole room coming together nicely and I’m so glad I ordered these fab grey velvet cushions in the sale at Cox & Cox last week, they were a bargain and I think a perfect accessory to go on the bed.  

We need to sort out window dressings, paint the floorboards as I say and the radiator (which I’m tempted to do a muted grey rather than white).  Even our old bedding box that I painted a while back will fit in with the more vintage look.

So watch this space for further improvements in our master bedroom, I’m on a roll!

Thank you so much to Sam and all the team at Wallpaper Ink for letting me try their brilliant custom wallpaper; do have a look at their website and be inspired by all the designs – there really is something for everyone.

I was gifted my custom wallpaper for the purposes of the review, all words and opinions are my own.



© Copyright Antonia, All rights Reserved. Written For: #tidylife
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