Creating a Welcoming Bedroom for Younger Children

Do your kids want to sleep in your bed all the time?  Our youngest, who is 5, still likes to hop in with us.  He is good though and usually goes off to sleep quickly, but some children can really fidget and stop you getting a good night’s sleep!

One way to hopefully encourage them to stay in their own bed is by creating a bedroom they love.  Is there a theme they are particularly fond of?  Princesses or football, maybe?

If they can have some input and even help to decorate the room, they will hopefully feel a sense of pride and want to spend time in their space.  Perhaps they could get to choose a new bed?  Some fun new bedding may also encourage them to stay put (and who knows, even make their bed in the morning!)

It is perhaps better to go with a general theme, rather than a specific TV or movie character that may be flavour of the month right now, but they could go off quite quickly.  You want some fun elements on the walls to add interest and personality, wallstickers are great, while good storage is an essential element to keep clutter at bay and especially the floor tidy.  A great solution are drawers beneath the bed as you can generally fit a lot into them.  Also, large colourful flexi tubs are handy and can be bought quite cheaply.  Both drawers and tubs make a quick tidy up easy and, as good habits start early, this is something the kids can take responsibility for, although you will need to remind them!

A blackout blind can help keep youngsters asleep for that little bit longer, while other little things to consider are a drink of water by the bed, a night light to help allay any fears of the dark and a comfortable room temperature; if they are too hot or cold they are more likely to wake up and then in turn wake you up.

An uninterrupted night’s sleep is sometimes all we want as parents of young children, so if you think a bedroom makeover is in order and possibly a new, comfy bed for your youngster, it is good to know you can order one quickly online, even have next day beds, which means that a good night’s sleep may be nearer than you think.

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