Call me odd, but when I’m out and about I love to look at people’s front doors.  Maybe its because for a couple of years we’ve been in a quandary about our own front door.

It is the original one to our 1930s house and although nothing fancy, I do like it because of its age.  It was a bright turquoise colour when we first moved in and sat further back, behind two little glass porch doors.  The porch was tiny and awkward to negotiate with a buggy, children and bags of shopping.  So when we had some downstairs alterations done, I took the opportunity to get the builder to remove the porch doors and move the front door forwards, which would also stop it blocking the stairs whenever it was open.

But, the door exterior has been exposed to the elements much more than when it was protected by the porch.  On closer inspection there are cracks, bubbled paint and a warp in the wood to the lower half of it, making it either swell and stick or leave a gap, depending on the weather.

So having acknowledged some time ago that our old door had reached the end of the road (sniff!) I began to look online for a replacement – something new but with a touch of ‘old style charm’.  There are plenty available, but not it seems in our ‘non-standard’ door size.  It turns out our door is bigger than average and I soon realised we could forget about buying anything off the peg.  Our next door would have to be made to measure and we simply don’t have the budget for a bespoke one.  It was back to the drawing board and living in the unlikely hope that Ebay would present a perfectly sized bargain in the local area!

Then recently, we had a new neighbour move in next door to us.  They have done a lot of renovation, including fitting a smart new front door.  I noticed their original one propped up at the side of the house for a few days and finally plucked up the courage to ask if it was being chucked out.  It was!  I was thrilled as the door was identical to ours, albeit with its fittings the opposite side, but it was the same non-standard size and in better condition than ours – no sign of a warp.  Whoop whoop!  We even discovered a heat gun in our shed that I never realised we had and my husband got busy removing the old paint.

I was happy, a solution at last!  BUT… quite spookily, it was literally a few days later that I heard about a bloggers competition to win a brand new composite door.  A strong, secure, maintenance-free front door, fitted by experts for the winner.  Hmmm.  No, a composite wouldn’t look right on our house, was my first thought.  But, being curious, I took a look at the website and despite half-expecting a limited choice of bland, white plasticky looking doors I was very pleasantly surprised to see a variety of styles, colours and design features.  That we could potentially have the look of a charming old door in modern materials was a bit of a revelation to me!  I looked at the one we snagged off our neighbour, still needing of lots of TLC, new furniture and a joiner.  Then I glanced at the mock-up I’d created online of a stylish, grey front door with decorative glass that I wouldn’t half mind having on the front of our house – and faced yet another door dilemma!

So, I decided to give the competition a go and leave it up to fate!  If we were to win the new door then of course I’d be over the moon.  I’d probably do a little dance.  But if it’s not meant to be, we’ll go back to the original plan and spruce up that old door and get it fitted. Whatever happens, you can be sure I’ll document it on the blog, so watch this space…!

Meanwhile, as I chew my nails in anticipation, I’m busy adding to my Front Doors Pinterest board (you’ll have gathered by now that I have a minor preoccupation with front doors and door furniture in general) and I’ve been considering what features make a door stand out.  I really like what Kimberly at Swoon Worthy did with her house front and would love to get a door knocker like her dragonfly one – or perhaps a bumble bee or an owl.

Colour is a hard choice when you’re as indecisive as me!  But I’m liking grey.  Today.  I’d also like to display our house number in a different or quirky way – you might have noticed I already painted a No. 23 on an old wooden crate by our doorstep, but it would be good to do something even more imaginitive.

So, what do you think, are you a traditionalist who would keep an original door at any cost, or do you much prefer a smart new and secure composite door that doesn’t need maintenance or let in draughts?  And what in your opinion is the best colour for a front door?  I’d love to know some of your thoughts!

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