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Dream Bedroom Moodboard

I love creating Mood Boards on Polyvore, it’s like playing virtual house.  I enjoy seeing all the different elements coming together; sometimes the finished look is not exactly how I imagined it, but it kind of evolves and I like that process.

I recently entered a Dream Bedroom Mood Board Competition and so I thought I’d share my entry.  I knew that I wanted to design something cosy and layered for winter, with warm wood, and muted lavender and grey shades, but with a hint of industrial edge, which is why I chose this particular light fitting and opted for plain, unfussy furniture and bed linens.

Dream Bedroom with Debenhams

Dream Bedroom with Debenhams by tidyawaytoday 

And because this is a ‘dream bedroom’ I was able to work with a generous £5,000 imaginary budget, but even though I have chosen fairly expensive furniture and bedding, I’ve still come in way under budget; what can I say, I’m a frugal Miss!

But I think it looks more expensive and I would certainly love to snuggle up in that bed.  What do you think of my design and would you do something similar or completely different?



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