Ekornes showcases the Stressless range

I was recently invited to view some new Stressless furniture by Ekornes at a great venue in London that really showcased the leather sofas and chairs to perfection.  What better place than ‘Skyloft‘ to launch the stunning Stressless Skyline recliner (coming in 2015).


A unique warehouse style setting at the top of Westminster’s iconic Millbank Tower with panoramic views, the reclaimed gym floor and walls featuring exposed brickwork from a Manchester cotton mill gave the space a cool, industrial feel that served as a great backdrop to the furniture on display.

Forget any preconceptions you may have that Stressless furniture is not terribly modern and therefore not for you; the latest designs are super stylish and come in a range of colours from the subtlest cream leather to the funkiest shades of tomato, mustard and tangerine that really pop.

Ekornes leather swatches

Yes, there are ‘heritage’ pieces that suit a more traditional home, but for me the retro-inspired recliners and armchairs are fantastic and I would love to have one of them in my home.

This new Stressless Metropolitan Sofa also caught my eye for its compact size and style; it felt amazing too, responding to your movements, and was the most fabulous teal colour that my camera didn’t quite capture in the lamp light.

With a choice of leather grades, for us as a family with children we would opt for the more textured and hardwearing (but still supple and tactile) Cori leather, which the above sofa was made with.  But child and pet-free homes could enjoy the sumptuous luxury of even finer leather.

As well as the striking chairs, ottomans and sofas on display, I liked the way they were styled with fashionable floor coverings from The Plantation Rug Company:

Plus contemporary lamps and accessories from Made.com which really gave a feel of how the furniture collections work in a modern home.

Of course Stressless is all about the comfort factor and Ekornes is renowned for delivering it.  I first experienced a Stressless recliner at the Grand Designs show in Birmingham last year and discovered then how exceptionally comfy they are to sit and relax in.

Budget-wise, Ekornes furniture isn’t the cheapest on the market, but nor would I expect it to be. This is quality furniture, made to last – with potentially a lifespan of decades – so on balance it is a pretty wise investment.  

What I also liked about seeing the range of Ekornes Stressless furniture is that there is seating for every aspect of your life – relaxing in the living room, sitting comfortably at your desk… even watching a movie in your home cinema (oh how I wish!):

With space for your drinks and popcorn too…

If you are in the market for a new sofa or armchair, do check out the Ekornes website and visit a showroom to see for yourself just how comfy, stylish and well made the Stressless range is.

Thanks for a warm welcome & hospitality from the Ekornes UK team, although this post is in collaboration with them, all thoughts, words and opinions expressed are my own.




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