Futuristic-Inspired Home Design Ideas

It can be difficult to imagine incorporating the ‘futuristic’ trend in your home. We often think of sharp angles, complex design and all sleek everything, which can create an imposing, almost clinical atmosphere. It doesn’t have to be this way – elements of futuristic design can be seamlessly worked into any contemporary interior.

Here are some examples of how you can play with lighting, texture, colour and décor to add a subtle futuristic vibe.

image 1

Image source: Pixabay

This dining area mixes different shades of taupe and different kinds of light to create a sophisticated air. The floor-to-ceiling artwork is a unique touch, and the sleek hanging lights add a mod element.

image 2

Image source: Pixabay

The ceiling in this bedroom really gives the place a futuristic vibe: the cracked pattern is eye-catching without being overwhelming. They subtly complement the stripes on the wall, and provide an interesting source of light.

image 3

Image source: Varenna from Fishpools

The wall cabinets give this living space an interesting shape, and provide a unique alternative to the standard bookcase or shelf. The display lights lend an artistic air – perfect for drawing the focus to your décor!

image 4

Image source: Pixabay

Mixing materials is a great way to revamp a tired space. This living space blends brick into its sleek surfaces for a more textured feel. The angular furniture and the abstract vases give it an ultra-mod chicness.

image 5

Image source: Pixabay

Adding silver accent pieces is an easy, cost-effective way to play with the futuristic trend. These ornaments are definite conversation starters without being too bold, and can seamlessly fit into any interior.

image 6

Image source: Pixabay

Another easy way to experiment with futurism is with minimal furniture. The clean design of the table and the geometric chairs give the grey background some dimension, and the bright yellow adds a playful vibe.

image 7

Image source: Flickr Creative Commons

The patterns in this living room add an other-worldly element, as well as the unusual shape of the lamp base.

image 8

Image source: Flickr Creative Commons

The blue and grey hues in this futuristic bathroom have a calming effect, and the soft lighting reflects beautifully in the sleek surfaces. The muted pattern also gives the room a more intriguing feel without being too garish or overwhelming.

Hopefully after seeing the versatility of the futuristic trend in these interiors, you’ll be inspired to incorporate some silver accents and geometric designs into your own home.

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