Gallery Wall Taking Shape

I got a lot of nice feedback about the wall sticker in my kitchen that came from Cut It Out and lots of entries to the giveaway which was great.

Since then, I took a trip with the fam to Ikea and headed straight for the Ribba frames, they are such good value.  I thought they only came in black and white, so when I saw there is actually a dark grey gloss frame in the range I nearly fainted as they were gorgeous and would match the grey wall sticker perfectly.

Aren’t they fab?  Just £4 each for an A4 sized frame (I just needed to take the mount out to make my prints fit).

The prints are free ones from LostBumblebee, I went with four coffee-themed printables, however I want to ‘grow’ the wall and add a tea reference or two, a big bold number ‘5’ print (the number of peeps in our family) and something else, maybe a stag’s head outline, or some of the kids doodles.  So it’s a bit more eclectic and not just all about the coffee bean.

That’s the good thing, though, with these free prints, you can swap them around when you get bored and give your gallery wall a fresh new look every time.

So here is a little before and after.  The wall looked so bare and unfinished didn’t it…?

Whereas now it’s much more cheerful!

I love the pop of yellow, which perfectly complements my new yellow weighing scales (from Rose & Grey).  Love a bit of yellow.  And grey.  Did I mention grey?

I also added a personalised print that we already had on the stair wall; I like it better here.

I might mix in a few different sized frames and even frame colours, who knows.  I don’t plan to cover the entire wall with prints, but I think it could take a few little extras here and there – I’ll update you when it is complete!

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