Getting Kitted Out with Running Gear from JD Williams

While most people have been shopping for warm coats and Christmas party dresses, I’ve been looking for some running gear to take me through the winter.  So I was pleased when JD Williams got in touch recently with a review opportunity, as I’d noticed they had quite a comprehensive Sports and Leisure Department.
If you are planning to get kitted out for a new healthy lifestyle in 2018, you can find a lot of gear in the Sports and Leisure department where there’s a wide choice of sports accessories, bras, leggings and joggers, tops and hoodies.
I’ve only been running since January this year.  Back when I started, I wasn’t sure if I would like it and actually stick to it, so initially I just bought a few cheap high street store pieces.  Pretty soon they looked washed out and cheap leggings have a habit of going baggy and riding down when running.
I wanted to get a few better quality items and more recently have got myself a couple of sports bras and invested in a decent pair of trainers.  I was keen to find some leggings that would stay in place around my waist and not slip down.  I also needed a thin jacket to go over my running tops to keep the chill and rain off, but nothing too thick as I get pretty hot when running.
I was curious to know if paying more for a pair of running tights would be worth the extra expense.  I chose the Adidas DNA Warp Knit Tight which at £75 I would usually think twice about; but they are engineered to allow ventilation and feature seamless technology, with a waist band that alters to your body shape. 
In a nice shade of smoky grey, I was a bit surprised when they arrived as they were very matte and looked tiny!  I thought I would really struggle getting them on, but they stretch amazingly well (they are 76% polyamide and 24% elastane).  They are not too long on me either, which has been a slight issue with full length leggings so far as I’m only 5’3″.
They do indeed have built in ventilation, with perforated panels around the side and back of your legs, so you can glimpse your skin through them which I hadn’t expected.  You might want to pop a little fake tan on if you are pale like me!  However the waist is deep and ribbed and having run several times in them now, they feel great on – very supportive and comfortable – and they don’t ride down.  They wash and dry well too, so if you are a regular runner you will definitely get your use out of them and so I do think that even though pricey, they will pay for themselves soon enough.  I’d rather have one decent pair than that lasts, than keep replacing cheap ones!
 The jacket on the other hand was at the cheaper end of the market at just £20.  In ultra thin fabric, the Snowdonia lightweight running jacket is weatherproof and roomy, allowing for movement during performance.  It zips fully and has pockets, a hood and elasticated cuffs, plus a few reflective details.  In nylon, it is machine washable.  It is ideal for running in showers and cold weather as it gives me that extra layer of insulation, without me overheating.
I feel much better kitted out for winter running now, thanks to JD Williams.  Next on my shopping list would be some proper running socks and a pair of gloves!  What other items would I benefit from, do you think?  If you are a runner do let me know about anything you think I should have in my kit!
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