Getting to Know HP Sprout – Part 3


In my previous post about HP Sprout, I was talking about the ways we have been using the technology as a family and you can read that particular post here.

Sprout has helped us look at the way we create differently and enabled us to come up with some fresh ideas.  So today, I wanted to reveal my attempts at turning something old into something new, using the kit’s creative capabilities.

I began by hunting the house for things that brought back memories; my wedding dress for example, as well as other old things that could be given a new lease of life, such as a favourite knitted sweater and some pretty little spare buttons in a jar.

And of course, I had to have another play with the stop motion app that has been so much fun!

Together with my youngest we made a Christmas card using a free template found through Pinterest, which we then decorated with the buttons I had scanned in.  We dragged the individual button images off the screen on to the creative mat and moved them around with our fingers to place them where we wanted them to go.  So easy and enjoyable!

Then selecting a festive Christmas frame from the HP Sprout’s image catalogue, this finished it all off by giving our card a nice border.

christmas card

Then all we had to do was print it out onto some card.

I also made this little photo card of my boys in the same style, which could be popped inside any Christmas card, or emailed as a digital image to friends and family – again, super easy to make with Sprout and I love that this allows me to give my messages a more personal touch.

christmas card

Because Christmas is getting near, I tried designing another Christmas card, using Sprout to scan in the knitted pattern of an old favourite jumper, which became my card’s background.  I was inspired by the digital print cushions I have seen recently that feature a snapshot of a knitted design, like this cushion (from Next):

digital knit

cosy christmas

I just added some of the graphics available from Sprout and personalised the message on the Christmas card.

As well as a whole host of other crafty projects, you could create a myriad of themed cards.  Having re-discovered my wedding dress, I thought it might be nice to make a wedding card.

Wedding dress


I designed the wedding card using the Martha Stewart Craft Studio app available on the Sprout menu, which gave me beautiful options for labels, messages, decorative embellishments etc.  You could really go to town with that app if you love card-making, crafting and scrap-booking.

Wedding card final

I’ll admit I’m not the craftiest person in the world, but I really enjoyed my venture into some of the design aspects that HP Sprout is capable of and I hope it has given you some ideas about what you could create.

We will be returning our borrowed Sprout very shortly and it’s fair to say the whole family will be sorry to see it go.  It has been a real bonus to us, having use of it over recent weeks.  It has turned out to be a totally inclusive piece of kit which has integrated into our business and home life perfectly.  No one has felt left out, it truly has its merits for all ages, from 7 to 70 (our parents have even had a go).  With that ‘touch and slide’ technology so similar to how most smartphones operate, it has been a doddle to get to grips with across the whole family.

It has proven to be a great space saving solution too for our home/office set up; you get all the functionality you would expect from a high end HP desktop PC and a dedicated design studio all in one, using just the one power cable – it even has a built in light so you don’t need a desk lamp cluttering up your workspace.

Not having to connect additional kit or open up different software packages keeps you focused on the job in hand – that’s more time to ‘just be creative’.

I’d love to see what you could achieve if you #gomakethings.

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