Getting to Know HP Sprout – Part One

HP_SproutRecently we were given the opportunity to try out an exciting piece of technology for a few weeks, using it at home on some creative projects in order to really get to know it in action, and then share our findings on the blog.  In case you haven’t seen it before, let me introduce you to HP Sprout.

A sleek and smart looking Windows based PC, this innovative, all in one unit incorporates a 3D camera, allowing you to scan in objects and edit them easily with the large touch pad that also acts as a second screen.

The benefits of the touch pad as a second screen are multiple; the fact that you can work on the mat and see the results on the generous screen is great for a group of people, such as in a classroom situation.  As there are 20 touch points on the touch pad, several people can get involved and edit images on the mat at the same time.

The ability to work collaboratively and with ease is a brilliant feature for designers and clients who can connect in real time and work on a project together, sketching and moving things around until both are happy with the final edit, removing the need to send drafts back and forth for comment and approval.

Sprout comes with a Bluetooth keyboard, mouse and Jot Pro stylus pen, plus a turntable to hold items that you wish to scan.  We were given an overview of the equipment by an HP Trainer and it only took about an hour to get to grips with all the main features because it is designed to be extremely user friendly and intuitive; you don’t have to worry about getting your head around a lot of new information or skills in order to engage with it quickly and confidently.

I was excited to see my children come home from school and try it out, as children are particularly adept at picking up new technology.  Unsurprisingly, they quickly learned what they needed to do just by touch and trial and were enjoying the features such as colouring and playing keyboard, as well as being a DJ, mixing and sampling tunes all through the apps that are available.

So I can see lots of potential for the whole family to enjoy using HP Sprout in the next few weeks.  For me personally, as a blogger who loves getting creative making mood boards and planning interior design ideas, I am going to be in my element with this incredible kit.

We’ve got a few ideas planned to showcase all that Sprout can do over the coming weeks, so do look out for the next instalment soon!

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