Heating Your Home

Do you know how heat circulates around your home from the moment it enters the room?

Because it is still sooo cold right now, I’m sharing a useful infographic today that demonstrates ways to trap heat, thus reducing the need to switch your boiler on, so do check it out.  It also ends on a positive, explaining how to reduce heat in the summer – I personally can’t wait to have that problem!

In the meantime, why not do a little experiment?  Try measuring the temperature of a room with the doors and windows open, then compare it with the temperature when doors and windows are closed.  Next, try adding some heavy curtains, extra soft furnishings, such as throws and cushions and, say, a draft excluder at the door so as to trap the heat in – then test again with a reliable thermometer e.g. from Rapid Online – you may be very surprised at the difference between the three temperatures!

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