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If you’re embarking on a house move, especially in London, today’s guest post is just for you.

For many the New Year brings with it the obligatory need to make resolutions, such as start to look for a new job or dust off the trainers and hit the gym with the goal of sculpting your body.  Now that January has been and gone, I’m sure that there are one or two of us out there that are already lagging in resolve for these resolutions!  What if your resolution was to move house this year?  How is the property hunt going?  With the price of properties in London leaping by 25% back in July 2014, making them double the UK average, it can be an uphill battle when choosing the right house.  Hold on though, there is the perfect property for you, just waiting for you to come and put your stamp on it.

When the deals are done and the keys are handed over, the next step is preparing for the dreaded move day.  Where you uproot your current home and hope that your packing skills are up to scratch, when you unpack at the new house.  The first tip we can offer is to ensure that you keep a separate moving day kit bag, which will stay with you.  In this bag, you will need handy items such as pens, sticky tape and loo rolls but we would also add a full brew kit (including biscuits) that can be used at both ends of the journey.  So when you arrive in your new home surrounded by boxes, you can make a brew while you wait for the takeaway to arrive.  In terms of packing itself, there are a number of strategies such as box by room or box by requirement (i.e. you’re more likely to need your work clothes than the ski gear), each with their own benefits. We would recommend picking one and then sticking with it.  The next tip is to take the time to clearly mark every box, it takes longer but will ultimately lead to an easier time when unpacking.

We wish you well with all your resolutions and if you need help finding a property in London why not ask the team at Henry Wiltshire?

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