Micro fibre floor cleaning system
Henry Spray Mop

Henry Spraymop, a professional microfibre floor cleaning system

I’m sure most people recognise the smiley face of Henry, as seen on many a vacuum cleaner, but did you know that there is also a Henry Spraymop?

Micro fibre floor cleaning system

When the manufacturers, Numatic International Ltd, asked if I’d like to review a Henry Spraymop, I was delighted because floor cleaning is a pretty regular chore in our household.   With 3 mucky sons frequently leaving footprints, not to mention drink and food spills, I knew our floors would genuinely put Henry to the test.

The Henry Spraymop was neatly boxed and I was also sent some spare NyloStripe microfibre mop heads to try.



On opening, there were several parts, but everything slotted together really easily, with just one screw (provided) that needed turning with a screwdriver.  There are clear diagrams provided to guide you through the few easy steps.


It took less than 5 minutes for me to assemble our Henry Spraymop.  Then I dampened the NyloStripe microfibre mop head (for most cleaning jobs you will use it ‘Damp Wet’ so not too dry/not too wet).  Then I filled the spray bottle with water – and just a drop of detergent for extra performance and a clean aroma – but you can use just water alone.  The NyloStripe microfibre, with its blue stripes to clean the dirt and white stripes to hold it, works very effectively with or without added floor cleaner – how is that for eco friendly and money-saving!

The spray bottle clips on underneath the footpump and then you’re good to go.  A couple pumps, using my foot to press down, dispensed a spray of solution on to the floor ready for mopping.

You can check out the Henry Spraymop in action here, with my short demo video:

Cleaning with the Henry Spraymop

The mop head is nice and wide so it covers a large surface area with every sweep.  It also rotates easily to allow you to reach into corners.  I immediately loved the feel of it and it was so much simpler to only need to press my foot down for more clean water, instead of dunking a mop into a bucket and wringing it out, as well as lugging a heavy bucket around from room to room, or even upstairs.  Also, because the mop was just damp, I noticed the floor drying quickly, so there was no need to tiptoe carefully out when finished, or stop anyone walking across the clean floor before it had a chance to dry.  I was impressed with the final result, especially as the mopping process was quicker and not as arduous as normal.

If you are cleaning really dirty floors, you can rinse out the mop head under a tap as necessary.  When you are done, the microfibre mop head can be hand washed or you can toss it in the washing machine, up to a 60 degree wash, but do leave out bleach or fabric conditioners, which aren’t good for microfibre.  Leave to dry naturally.


So after trying out Henry Spraymop at home, I would definitely say that I much prefer this system to the traditional mop and bucket.  It was simple to use, lightweight and manoeuvrable, and produced good results.  It  would suit both a commercial or domestic environment, a big clean up or a smaller, quick mop round.  The convenience and ease of use makes me likely to mop a bit more often, since the Henry Spraymop is such a breeze to set up and use.

Henry definitely gets the thumbs up in our household!

I should also mention that there is a Hetty Spraymop, so you if you prefer your mop in a pretty shade of pink, then Hetty is your girl!

I was gifted a Henry SprayMop in order to test it out and review its performance.  All opinions and comments are my own.


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