Homemade Pizza on the Firepod & A Giveaway!

Wow, I’ve got a really great giveaway to share with you guys today!  It would make the most fabulous Christmas present for anyone who loves a bit of outdoor cooking.

Allow me to introduce you to The Firepod, a fantastic portable pizza oven and grill:

Available in cream as above, but also charcoal black, lava red, azure blue and aubergine (see below) – it also comes in a choice of short or long legs.

Last month we were visited by David, the inventor of The Firepod, who brought along a brand new model for us to try out in our garden in the beautiful aubergine colour.

Portable pizza oven

I absolutely loved the design from the moment I saw it.  Scandinavian looking and a little bit retro, it would look fantastic in anyone’s garden, on a deck, balcony or patio.  It can also be easily transported in the boot of the car when you visit the beach, take it to a festival or go camping.  Brilliant for all occasions, birthdays etc. or just to fire up at a moment’s notice when friends drop in with wine!  It doesn’t matter what season it is, The Firepod can be enjoyed year round.

Not being able to find a compact pizza oven that was portable AND hot enough was what motivated David to design his own – and I’m so glad he did!

Designed to cook a perfect pizza in hardly any time at all, the gas powered Firepod pizza oven takes a mere 10 minutes from setting up, to your delicious pizza being ready to eat.

The secret to its success is the fact that The Firepod reaches 600º F in just 6-8 minutes, with an authentic Napolitano pizza cooking in about 3 minutes.  (Household ovens barely reach over 400º which is why you’ll never get the same bubbling and blistering of the pizza base in a conventional oven.)

The stone which you cook the pizza on is naturally slightly porous, which means any moisture during cooking is absorbed, resulting in that desired crisp Italian style base.

You can even swap the pizza stone for a griddle if you are into BBQs and fancy doing something different instead, such as steaks or a cooked breakfast!

It couldn’t be easier to operate The Firepod – it uses a regular propane gas bottle, the same sort you would use for a gas-fired BBQ.
David had pre-made and frozen some dough using authentic Italian ’00’ flour to bring along, so by the time he reached us it was defrosted and perfect for kneading and stretching into shape.  I had a go at this (resisting the temptation to fling it around my head Italian style!) and did this on a layer of polenta, to give the crust that satisfying crunch.  Then we dolloped on a rich tomato sauce, scattered cheese and into The Firepod it went:

Stonebaked pizza at home

Three minutes later and look at the result!

Homemade pizza

Just fabulous – the pizzas we made were absolutely delicious and timed to perfection as the boys had just got in from school and were ready to sample them.  Being self-proclaimed pizza experts, we all agreed that there’s NO comparison when it comes to the freshly stonebaked option, eaten in the outdoor air, so it was a real treat.  Massive thanks to David and his team for the opportunity to test The Firepod.

If you know someone who would love one of these for Christmas, make sure you place your order before noon on the 21st December!

Now here’s your chance to try and win one of these fab outdoor ovens.  It really is very simple, all you have to do is follow the steps below.  Please note that the closing date is 17.12.17 at midnight.  The winner, chosen at random, will be notified shortly after.  Very best of luck everyone!

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