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How Do You Find the Ideal Local Handyman?

handyman #tidylife

The odd bit of DIY is all very well, but most of us don’t have the skills to match the professionals in anything but the simplest of jobs. DIY may seem like a money-saving option, but as BBC Radio Oxford points out, you could well end up having to call in a professional anyway to sort out the mess, probably at a much higher price than you’d have paid in the first place.

Handyman Versus Specialists

Given that you’ve decided to go for professional help, should you choose an all-purpose handyman or a series of specialists? You might assume that you’d get a better job out of specialist decorators, electricians or carpenters, but a good handyman — or, even better, a company of handymen — will be able to do as good a job as each of them. And you only have to find the right person once.

With a good local handyman, besides avoiding embarrassing and expensive botched jobs, they’ll also be prepared to deal with the genuine risks in your home. As the iflscience.com website reports, there are many situations where something as simple as dust in the air can be harmful to your health. A professional handyman will know when to take precautions, whereas an amateur DIYer may not.

Finding the Right Handyman

Handy Squad offer handyman services in north London, but if you live elsewhere you’ll need to decide which handyman is the best. There are cowboy handymen, as in any other trade, and others who may be expert in certain areas but offer to take on jobs they’re not qualified for.

This rundown of tips for finding a good handyman is American, but it’s advice that holds good in the UK too. In general, look for recommendations and qualifications, and make sure their website offers the full range of jobs you need. If not, there’s the danger they may be offering to do jobs they don’t have the skills to follow up on.

Broadly, besides odd jobs like hanging pictures and assembling flat-pack furniture, you can expect a comprehensive handyman service to offer skills like carpentry (from building shelves to putting up a partition wall), tiling your bathroom, painting and decorating, and repairing plaster. You can also expert electrical and plumbing work, but make sure they have the qualifications for these. The last thing you want is someone untrained fiddling with your pipes or wiring.

It can be a lot of work finding the right handyman, but the good news is that you shouldn’t have to go through it again. A good handyman will be there for any job that needs doing around the house.

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