How Oak Furniture can help to Create the Perfect Interior Space

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I love the look of wood and we have lots of it in our home.  If you also love the warmth and versatility of this natural material, you may like to read today’s guest post all about how to use oak furniture in the home:

The world of interior design is an extremely diverse entity, and one that continues to change with time and trends. This is why creating the ideal interior living space requires you to strike a balance, as you look to create a home that suits your sense of style while also remaining functional.

This can be a delicate balance to achieve, although it is worth noting that a growing number of materials and items of furniture have been designed to deliver multi-functionality to users. Take oak, for example, which has already emerged as a key material in kitchen design trends and is likely to become an even more popular trend in 2015.

The Application of Oak in the home: 3 Tips for Aiding Style and Functionality

With this in mind, let’s consider the following applications of oak in the home and see how they can enhance your homes style while also adding functionality: –

1.      Install an Oak Work-surface in your Kitchen

In terms of applying oak in your kitchen, your best bet is to fit an oak work-surface. This not only provides a stunning and visually engaging focal point for your home, for example, but it also offers warmth, depth and an innate sense of contrast with a contemporary, white kitchen. Granite work surfaces are also easy to clean and particularly durable, which means that they can cope with the types of spillages and accidents that occur in kitchens from time to time. The durability of oak as a material also means that it is impervious to excess heat and therefore ideal for a kitchen environment.

2.      Oak Furniture in your Living Room

Oak furniture is particularly alluring, while it also compatible with minimalist and rustic design styles. With its stark, natural tones and light shade, it helps to maximise any natural light that you have within a specific room and can also create the illusion of additional space. This is why oak furniture is so popular in living room spaces, whether you want to create a purposeful recreational area or ultimately sell your home to interested buyers. It is also well known that high quality pieces of oak furniture, which are available through suppliers such as Furniture Plus Online, are particularly long-lasting, and therefore ideal in busy or high-traffic family homes.

3.      A Chest of Drawers for your Bedroom

In terms of upstairs or bedroom furniture, you should consider investing in an oak chest of drawers. Practicality is one of the main reasons for this, as products made with MDF and plywood can often become unstable if they are not constructed correctly and are also likely to weaken considerably over time. An oak-manufactured chest of drawers would have no such issue, however, as it would come readymade as a single unit and therefore remain sturdy and robust during usage. It would also provide a nice focal point for your bedroom, especially if you favour a minimalist space.

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