How to create an atmosphere for rest and relaxation

I really believe that when you head to your bedroom it should feel like you are entering a different zone – somewhere calm, uncluttered, a place to rest your mind as well as your body.  Our days can be so busy and chaotic, eye strain or headaches from staring at screens all day long, worn out by the commute, trying to remember a zillion and one things.  Such pressures make being able to switch off in a relaxing space all the more vital for our health and wellbeing.

double bed

Try and decorate your bedroom in calming colours, strong and vibrant colours tend to invigorate rather than relax, and wild patterned wallpaper won’t rest the mind.

It is also essential to have the right bed for a comfy night’s sleep – an old mattress will do you no favours as it will be lacking support.  A firm mattress is better for your posture, but you don’t want something that feels as hard as an ironing board.  A mattress topper can be a good way to add some extra comfort.

And if your bedroom is disorganised or cluttered with too much furniture and belongings, how can you expect to unwind?  Piles of clothes and shoes that won’t fit in your cupboards and wardrobes need to be thinned out so have a good sort out one weekend and get rid of anything you haven’t worn in the past year (or 6 months if you can be really ruthless!).  If the problem is simply a lack of storage, what could you do to improve that?  It may mean finding a corner for a clothes rail or chest of drawers, but if you are planning to replace your bed a great option can be to look for a divan with storage – you’d be amazed how much space beneath double beds is just wasted if you don’t have drawers in your bed.

bed storage

An alternative option is to stow belongings beneath a bed frame in slim storage boxes that are on castors.

To avoid a blocked or tickly nose that keeps you awake, make sure you dust and hoover your room regularly, including the mattress to remove any dust mites that can aggravate allergies.  I would also  recommend keeping a soothing essential oil by the bed like lavender to put a few drops on your pillow which should aid restful sleep.

Once you’ve created a tranquil bedroom, don’t forget the bedding – you can’t beat a high thread count, the cotton just feels so soft and inviting and there are some good deals on luxury bedding now so it needn’t cost a fortune if you shop around.  We spend hours asleep every night, so don’t scrimp on your comfort, you will get the value back in how much more refreshed you feel each morning!

And with your new found energy, you might like to start thinking about the rest of your house and how you can make it more welcoming and relaxing.  A good starting point to spark some ideas is the new autumn/winter look book from Carpetright which is brimming with stylish rooms to give you lots of inspiration; I was really impressed with it and will definitely be bookmarking it for ideas in my own home.

carpetright lookbook

Wishing you sweet dreams!

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