How to decorate your new home this Christmas

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Today I’m delighted to host a guest post with a Christmassy feel, especially for those spending their first Christmas in a brand new home.  Enjoy!  

If you have just moved into a new home and this is your very first Christmas in it – it is important to make it look as festive as possible – especially if you have children.

If you live in one of the new home developments, decorating your home for Christmas will be a little different than if you live in an older, period home as it will have fewer features. But, fear not – here are some fantastic ideas to brighten your home up for your children’s first Christmas in their new house.

Wreaths and garlands

Wreaths and garlands are a classic Christmas decoration which is perfect for more modern homes. However, rather than simply hanging them on a front door just as we do year after year – make it more of a feature. By suspending it above a dining room table you will add a focal point to your room which adds to the festive spirit.

There is always the option to tie a number of faux garlands together to create a more luxurious modern piece of decoration. These are great to be hung over fireplaces, cabinets and stair rails in order to add depth to your Christmas interior.

Dried clementine’s and cinnamon sticks also add a little colour and texture to your home.

Points of interest

In most new builds or modern homes you will have a doorway or a point of interest. Here you can decorate bay or holly trees in order to frame these areas. Wrapping ribbon around the stems and decorating with lights looks really festive and adds an air of warmth within the room.

Christmas tree

The Christmas tree is vital to the festivities, especially if you have children who are awaiting Father Christmas. This can be decorated depending on personal taste – it is recommended that you get your children involved in this experience to make them feel more at home in their new house.

If you have a fireplace, this is the perfect area to hang up any Christmas stockings your children may have – this enhances the interior and makes them feel more comfortable in their new space.


Hanging lights around the house and the windows is festive and brightens up the interior in a festive way. Lights scattered randomly around the home will look perfect for this year’s Christmas.

With these tips in mind, your new modern home will look just as great as a more traditional period one.

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